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K-1 Press Conference Photos, Quotes

The K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 2012 is getting closer and closer, with it essentially being 12 hours away at the time of this post. The press conference went down in Japan with all the fighters on hand. The Final 16 consists of 16 fighters in eight fights, while there are five super fights, bringing the event to a total of 26 fighters.

We'll share some photos with you, along with some quotes from a few fighters at the press conference. Thanks to Autosoft Romania for the photos.

Catalin Morosanu on himself and how he matches up with Paul Slowinski: "What I can already say to Slowinski is that I have heavy shots."

Raul Catinas on his opponent Ben Edwards: "Edwards is a very strong fighter who is good with his punches, but I am in top form, especially since five months ago I won the SuperKombat tournament so I want to win in K-1."

Benjamin Adegbuyi on representing Nigeria: "I still have the tricolor flag of Romania with me and I hope to enjoy a victory that I dedicate to all my friends and fans in Romania."



Rumblings of K-1 World Grand Prix Final 8 in NYC Moving to Jan. to Air Live on Spike TV Emerge


Seeing as though after this weekend, the next big K-1 Heavyweight event was set to be the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 8 originating from New York City on December 26th -- or so we thought. There are rumblings coming out of Japan tonight that the date may be pushed back to some time in January to air it live on Spike TV here in the United States, which would make a whole hell of a lot more sense than streaming it via UStream on Spike's website for $10. As WWE and the UFC can tell you, the PPV business is a fickle mistress, and things can drop off in the blink of an eye or simply never pick up. Never mind when it comes to internet stream PPVs, which is a harder sell, to say the least.

If this is true, this will be huge for K-1, to be able to air an event originating from the US live on a major cable network.

We will keep you updated on this story and more K-1 news throughout the weekend.


LiverKick Talks With Morosanu, Catinas, Adegbuyi Before Their Big K-1 Fights This Weekend

This year's K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 features three Romanian fighters: Catalin Morosanu, Raul Catinas and Benjamin Adegbuyi. Morosanu and Catinas are in the Final 16, while Adegbuyi is in a super fight. All three of them comes from different gyms and different parts of Romania, but they're also all SuperKombat stars and well known in their home country.

All three of them are in Tokyo now and we got the chance to ask them a few questions each before their fights this weekend at K-1.

LK: Since you are in a super fight and not in the Final 16, are you trying to make a big impression for K-1?

Benjamin Adegbuyi: I'll always try to make good fights not only for me, but for all my fans. I hope to be in the Final 16 in the future and to make a good impression.

LK: Have you been able to study your opponent, Jafar Ahmadi, and develop a strategy?

Benjamin Adegbuyi: I know he is a stronger opponent. He is the Muay Thai world champ and I'm sure he was invited because he has good qualities. I've seen some fights, but not complete ones. I will try not to make any mistakes.

LK: What is it about Chakuriki and Thom Harinck that has taken you to a whole new level?

Raul Catinas: I'm very excited at Chakuriki and I'm very glad about my choice to go there. The trainers are at the highest level and I have teammates with very good qualities. Thom Harinck is one of the best masters in kickboxing of the whole world so I can improve at every training session.

LK: This is not your first time in the Final 16. You have experience being in this position before, last time in Korea and now in Japan. How much will this experience help you compared to when it was your first time in the Final 16?

Raul Catinas: Now I'm on another level so I'm sure a new Raul Catinas will be in the ring. In that fight with Mighty Mo I was not prepared because they announced my participation just 3 weeks before the event.

LK: This year you have made big improvements. Is there any secret or did you make any big changes to get so much better?

Catalin Morosanu: At every training I try to do my best. My dream was to be a SuperKombat champion and to fight in the K-1 Final. For the moment, It's perfect for me and I think my trainer Mihai Constantin and my colleague Sebastian Ciobanu help me a lot.

LK: Your opponent, Paul Slowinski, is one of the best fighters in this tournament and he is much bigger than you. How are you going to approach the fight?

Catalin Morosanu: Yes, I know, but I have a great opportunity and I don't want to miss it. I will be directly with him! I cannot tell you my tactical plan, but he will get a surprise from me.

Even with Daniel Ghita's absence, Romania has three strong competitors at the K-1 Final 16 this weekend on October 14 in Tokyo, Japan.


K-1 WGP Final 16, Finalized Fight Card For This Sunday, October 14

Yep, although it might not seem like it, there's a K-1 event this weekend in Tokyo, Japan and it features the Final 16 of the Heavyweight World Grand Prix along with four super fights.

The Final 16 match-ups consists of eight fights. Among three of the competitors, Randy Blake, Jarrell Miller and Xavier Vigney qualified for the Final 16 after winning fights last month at K-1 in Los Angeles.

As far as the LiverKick rankings go, two fighters from our heavyweight rankings are on the show and in the Final 16, in Sergei Lascenko at #6 and Hesdy Gerges at #10 and strangely enough, they're fighting each other.

Every single fight is a heavyweight fight except for two, in Genji Umeno vs. Chanhyung Lee and Koutaro Mori vs. Zhou Zhi Peng. Although K-1 hasn't even listed a weight for the Umeno fight, it's probably at their 59kg weight class and if not, somewhere around there. Mori vs. Peng is at 70kg.

Final 16:

Raul Catinas vs. Ben Edwards

Makoto Uehara vs. Hiromi Amada

Xavier Vigney vs. Zabit Samedov

Hesdy Gerges vs. Sergei Lascenko

Singh Jaideep vs. Ismael Londt

Jarrell Miller vs. Arnold Oborotov

Paul Slowinski vs. Catalin Morosanu

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Randy Blake

Super Fights:

Genji Umeno vs. Changhyun Lee

Zhou Zhi Peng vs. Koutaro Moro

Jafar Ahmadi vs. Benjamin Adegbuyi

Saulo Calavari vs. Pavel Zhuravlev

James Wilson vs. Rick Roufus


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