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Badr Hari on Naazim Richardson: "Can't Wait to Work With Him"

Badr HariBadr Hari is steadfast in making his transition to the Heavyweight Boxing world, and it seems like Naazim Richardson has been chosen to be his main trainer by Mike Passenier and Hari himself. Yesterday we looked at an interview with Naazim where he talked about looking forward to working with Badr Hari, and it appears that FightHype has been busy working all sides of the spectrum as they put up an interview with Badr Hari himself. In the interview with Badr they discuss his yearly trip to Morocco, which is where he has been recently -- not with Brock Lesnar -- and how important his Muslim roots are to him. Badr also has a rather enlightened view of religion saying that it is a very personal thing that has been pushed upon other people and started wars.

Hari is looking forward to working with Naazim Richardson, though, and talks about how Naazim was selected as his trainer.

PC: When you come over to boxing, you are looking to work with Naazim Richardson. It was important to Mike Passenier that you trained under another Muslim as well as a guy like Naazim, who works with another guy with a street background. How important was that to you?

BH: That's not what he said. He said that it is an extra because he knows all the rituals etc. for being a Muslim. It is important to him that I have a trainer who is there for me, who can motivate me, and bring me to the top level; a trainer who brings out the best in me. And that is important to me too. I want to be number one. I don't come for second place; not in fighting and not by a trainer.

Hari also discusses his last fight in kickboxing with Gokhan Saki and dodges a lot of personal questions, read the rest of the interview here. Ominous by its absence is any discussion about fighting for K-1 again.


Semmy Schilt; Possibly Not Invited to the World Grand Prix

Semmy SchiltWe are just two weeks away from the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16 and are still without any definitive announcement from K-1, including fight card, participants and possible television deals. If FEG were known to conduct business in any other way this would be incredibly alarming, but K-1 has always been known to make major announcements at the last minute, leaving everyone from the media, fans, managers and even fighters hanging, waiting for word.

An article came out today about Semmy Schilt, the four-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion and currently's #1 Ranked Heavyweight/Super Heavyweight Kickboxer. Our choice of Semmy Schilt has raised some questions, but with Alistair Overeem under a Zuffa contract and the one year mark rapidly approaching for Kickboxing inactivity it seems only fair to not include him, and Peter Aerts had stated that 2010 would be his last World Grand Prix, while Sem Schilt has made no public announcement about even considering retirement. If Peter Aerts does indeed participate in the K-1 World Grand Prix and Semmy Schilt does not, then we will indeed need to re-evaluate the Heavyweight/Super Heavyweight field, but until then it is up in the air.

This article stated that the four-time champion was not invited by K-1 to participate in the World Grand Prix, which for a fighter of his value would be a first. This is not news after seeing the leaked list of possible participants in the event, and the article does insinuate that It's Showtime's assistance might be a cause for Sem Schilt not being involved, with Golden Glory being his management, but there have been reports that Bas Boon and Golden Glory have been in talks with FEG since the event was announced, although nothing between the two parties has yet to materialize.

Sem Schilt would add instant credibility to the tournament and be one of the favorites to win the entire tournament if included, but as of press time it is not clear if we'll see Sem fighting for K-1 again or not. Odds are Schilt is on the long list of fighters yet to be paid by FEG, which could be causing some problems. [source]


Former K-1 Fighter Hong Man Choi Booked for Assaulting Woman in Korea

Hong Man Choi and FedorFormer K-1 and DREAM fighter Hong Man Choi (Choi Hong-Man in Korea) has apparently found himself in some legal trouble this week after a report came out that he purportedly assaulted her in his bar on October 8th while arguing over a bill. The woman claims that Choi had overcharged her and began to argue with Choi over the sum on the bill, which then escalated into a heated argument and ended with Choi punching her in the head. She waited until the next day and posted the complaint against Choi on an internet police portal.

Police have questioned Choi, who admitted that there was an argument with the female customer. The customer then began hurling insults at the former K-1 fighter before he claimed he could not take the abuse anymore and that he "pushed her just a little bit."

Choi regrets pushing the woman, but insists that if she continues to claim that he punched her that he will pursue legal action of his own against the slander. He is so insistent that he only shoved her and didn't punch her that he has gone as far as to claim he'll retire from K-1 if he is lying. [source]


SuperKombat Returns With Last WGP Event Before Final

SuperKombat will be holding their second event of the month on this Saturday, October 15. The event will be the fourth and last of their "World Grand Prix" series before their final event where the tournament winners from each event battle it out in a tournament. The event will take place in Piatra Neamt, Romania to round out SuperKombat's tour of Romania for the year, being held in four different cities across the country.

For the central focus of the event (the tournament), Erhan Deniz will face Marian Baryla of Poland in one semi-final and Wendell Roche will face Andrei Bokan of Estonia in the other. This is probably the weakest field out of the four SuperKombat "World Grand Prix" tournaments this year, with Deniz and Roche being the only notables, neither of them being highly regarded. Erhan Deniz was surprisingly competitive with Daniel Ghita for a round, but then proceeded to get demolished in the second. Roche is coming off a win over Yuksel Ayadin at It's Showtime's Lyon event on May 14.

In other action on the card, Bogdan Stoica returns from a leg injury to fight Dutch based fighter Leon Midiema. What's interesting is the fight is at 92 kg, suggesting Stoica may have ballooned up a little bit during time off due to injury. He usually fights below 90 kg. Also on the card is Romanian fighter Sebastien Ciobanu, who fights Cengiz Ozpamuk of Turkey along with K-1 veteran Catalin Morosanu slated to be on the card against a to be announced opponent. And if you really care, Bob Sapp will be fighting Alexandru Lungu in a fight where the ring just might collapse. Full fight card below:


The event will be broadcast live on Eurosport, ProTV and on


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