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GLORY Paints a Picture of Their Champions and Title Challengers

GLORY is perhaps one of the world’s biggest kickboxing promotions when it comes to divisions, champions and up-and-coming challengers. Today they released this graphic that shows the current champions and the fighters that are next in line to receive a shot at their championship. Among the challengers are Adamchuk at Featherweight, Baya at Lightweight, Groenhart at Welterweight, Belgaroui at Middleweight, Machado at Light Heavyweight and Ben Saddik at Heavyweight. The stage has been set for the second half of 2017. Which fighter will rise to the occasion and wrap the GLORY strap around their waist? pic.twitter.com/7WYwodJnWB — GLORY Kickboxing (@GLORY_WS) [read more]

Josh Jauncey vs. Elvis Gashi Set for GLORY 43

The card for GLORY 43 has been set for a while now, but one piece of the puzzle was still missing, which was an opponent for Josh Jauncey on the main card. We learned that it was a local New Yorker, but that was about all that we knew until today. Today it was revealed that Josh Jauncey will fight a man that is no stranger to the New York kickboxing and muay thai scene in Elvis Gashi. Gashi, with a professional record of 18-0 with an impressive 107-3 amateur record will look to put his stamp on the world [read more]

WATCH: Josh Jauncey Trains at Mayweather Gym to Prepare for GLORY 43

For young up-and-comer Josh Jauncey there is no limit in what he’s willing to do to receive the best possible training as he pushes forward in his career. Not only did he start off training with his esteemed father, Vincent Jauncey, but he quickly caught the eye of K-1 legend Andy Souwer and became his young apprentice. From there he’s worked with some of the best fighters all over the world, including preparing in Thailand for his last bout. For his fight at GLORY 43 he had something different in mind. He went to Las Vegas where he worked on [read more]

GLORY 43 New York Fight Card

On Friday, July 14th GLORY returns to New York City with GLORY 43 New York live from the Theater at MSG. Headlined by a featherweight tournament featuring Matt Embree, Kevin Vannostrand, Giga Chikadze and Aleksei Ulianov, as well as a heavyweight showdown with possible title contention on the line between Benjamin Adegbuyi and Guto Inocente. The SuperFight Series is headlined by a light heavyweight bout between former champion Saulo Cavalari and internationally-renowned striker Pavel Zhuravlev. We’ll keep this post updated as the card changes and Josh Jauncey gets an official opponent. GLORY 43 New York Featherweight Tournament Final Bout: Winner [read more]

Murthel Groenhart Talks About Receiving Death Threats with TMZ

What was a crazy, unprofessional moment at GLORY 42 featuring two men rushing the ring and attacking Murthel Groenhart has turned into some of the best publicity for GLORY in a very long time. Murthel Groenhart has been all over the news, featured on ESPN and now TMZ sat down with Groenhart to talk about his “cheat shot” victory, the guys rushing the ring and how he’s been receiving death threats following the victory. Groenhart has secured a spot as the next title contender against champion Cedric Doumbe, although Doumbe feels like Groenhart is not deserving of that fight and [read more]

Marat Grigorian: ‘I Want the GLORY Title, Because I Deserve That’

In a way, it’s hard not to feel for Marat Grigorian. Clearly one of the top lightweights in the world, he has the unique problem on his hands of being a championship-caliber fighter, he just doesn’t have a title. There’s a very key reason for that, though; Sitthichai. Not only is Sitthichai one of the toughest fighters in the world, Sitthichai is a guy who has defeated Marat Grigorian not once, not twice but three times now; two times in the GLORY ring and once in Kunlun. He’s coming off of a knockout of Antonio Gomez at GLORY 42 now [read more]

Photo: Murthel Groenhart and Harut Grigorian Embrace Backstage

While the world is weighing in on the morality and legality of Murthel Groenhart’s knockout blow on Harut Grigorian (note: it was legal) from GLORY 42 this weekend, both fighters have apparently moved on. What better way to show it than a photo of both men standing together in an embrace backstage after the fight? I’m sure this will still be a topic of much debate, but it appears that Grigorian and his team are over it and Murthel is gearing up for his upcoming title fight against reigning GLORY Welterweight Champion Cedric Doumbe, who, by the way, is one [read more]

VIDEO: Cedric Doumbe on Murthel Groenhart: ‘That’s Not How a Fighter Acts’

The next challenge for Cedric Doumbe has been decided in Murthel Groenhart, who scored a controversial knockout over Harut Grigorian before he was assaulted by two fighters from the stands. Since then Groenhart has been all over the media, from the post-match assault to his controversial knockout. Cedric Doumbe had a lot to say about Holzken, who he believes is one of the best fighters in the world, but not quite on his level. As for his thoughts on Murthel? They aren’t complimentary. “No, c’mon, Murthel did something wrong in this fight,” he explained in a post-fight interview. “I saw [read more]

GLORY Releases Statement on Groenhart Attack From GLORY 42

GLORY 42 was a solid event from top-to-bottom, but perhaps the moment that will overshadow the rest of the event was when two men rushed the ring after Murthel Groenhart knocked out a dazed and clearly confused Harut Grigorian, one landing a superman punch on Groenhart before they swarmed and were pulled off of him. Early reports were that Murthel had injured his jaw, but backstage video footage from after the event shows him in good spirits and talking just fine. Yet, it was still an unprovoked, unprofessional attack. GLORY has released an official statement on the attack. GLORY has [read more]

VIDEO: Murthel Groenhart KO’s Harut Grigorian, Gets Jumped By Fans

Tempers ran hot in Paris today as Murthel Groenhart scored a controversial knockout over Harut Grigorian, only for fans to storm the ring and begin attacking Murthel in the corner before they were pulled away. It all started when Murthel landed a flying knee on Grigorian, followed by more blows, which made Grigorian turn his back to Groenhart. The referee apparently didn’t notice in time and Groenhart, knowing it was full well within the rules, pounced and landed a right hook that put Grigorian down and out. While the Twitter arguments about its ethics are ongoing, the follow-up was definitely [read more]