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K-1 World Grand Prix Japan 90kg Tournament Results

This past weekend K-1 Japan held their 90kg tournament, featuring some recognizable names as well as a host of superfights featuring some of the big stars of K-1 Japan. Sina Karimian was able to take the whole tournament, first knocking out OD-KEN in an extension round, then winning a decision over K-JEE, finally defeating Boubaker El Bakouri by majority decision to take the 90kg crown. In the superfights Anpo Rukiya, Ashizawa Ryusei and Takei Yoshiki were all victorious. KOJI and Takeru became the main talking point coming away from the show, as KOJI defeated Stauros Exakoustidis via split decision in [read more]

Breakdown: K-1 Cruiserweight Tournament Card 9/24 (Superfights Edition)

K-1 Japan returns to action tonight with another stacked card featuring a cruiserweight tournament. But the real appeal of the night lies with its collection of one off superfights. It’s an event with a bit of everything, whether it be bad blood grudge matches, showdowns between promising prospects or showcases for some of kickboxing’s greatest stars. Here’s your trusty last minute guide to navigate you through some of the fantastic Jkick weirdness ahead of us. The card will kick off at 00:30 EST/21:30 PST on AbemaTV for anyone whose IP address is located in Japan. 60kg Fight: Goshyu ‘The Revolutionary’ [read more]

MMA and K-1 Legend Norifumi KID Yamamoto Passes Away at 41

In what was shocking, abrupt news, last night Krazy Bee dropped a bombshell on the combat sports community informing everyone of the death of Norifumi Yamamoto — better known as KID Yamamoto. KID Yamamoto is perhaps best known for his time as a grappler and mixed martial artist, but KID was instrumental in K-1’s success in the mid-00’s as not only a banner fighter for their MMA brand, HERO’s, but also competing in K-1 MAX’s incredibly competitive 70kg division. He left the sport of kickboxing with a 1-3-1 record, but that does not do him justice for the amount of [read more]


K-1 Japan Returns to 65kg With Grand Prix Featuring Kaew vs. Yamato on Nov. 3rd

K-1 Japan held a press conference announcing a new Super Lightweight World Grand Prix to be held on November 3rd, 2018. The tournament will crown a new 65kg champion for the organization after previous champion Noiri Masaaki vacated the belt earlier this summer to move up a division. While K-1 Japan still has its experimental cruiserweight grand prix set to go down in September, the return to the 65kg division represents a throwback to the roots of the promotion. It was on November 3rd, 2014 that K-1 Japan held its first event, a relatively unheralded tournament in which Kaew Fairtex [read more]

K-1 Japan 90kg Championship Tournament Fight Card for September 24th

K-1 Japan returns on September 24th with the K-1 Japan 90kg Championship Tournament. It’s another step into the upper weights, which K-1 Japan tends to stumble with a bit. We saw a heavyweight GP last year that provided some excitement and it should come as no shock that much of this tournament includes talent that has doubled as heavyweights for the promotion. That, of course, is just sort of the icing on the cake for the event, as the lower weight classes are always there to entertain us. That includes TAKERU vs. Daniel Puertas, Takei Yoshiki and KOJI vs. Stauro [read more]

K-1 World Grand Prix Japan 2018 57.5kg Tournament Results

K-1 Japan, one of the most exciting kickboxing promotions in the world, returned this weekend with their 2018 57.5kg Championship Tournament that saw a new champion crowned in what was one of their most prestigious belts because of the former champion, Takeru, who opted to move up in weight and take on new challenges. This card saw a lot of familiar faces score some exciting victories, but was perhaps not as exciting on paper as some of this year’s incredible K-1 Japan cards. Yuta Murakoshi walked away with the K-1 Japan 57.5kg Championship after a tough night of fights culminating [read more]


K-1 World Grand Prix 2018 Japan – Featherweight Championship Tournament

K-1 Japan continues to pump out the quality events on June 17th. This time around it’s the Featherweight Championship Tournament (57.5kg) featuring a one-night, eight-man tournament in addition to a few big superfights on the undercard. It’s K-1 Japan so they don’t mess around. Hideaki Yamazaki against Jun Nakazawa, Rukiya Anpo proving that gym splits from K-1 Japan are in the end utterly meaningless but fighting Gonnapar isn’t, Kido vs. Glunder oh my, Minoru Kimua and Melsik ready to throw down, Noiri and Urabe fighting. That’s something to behold. Featherweight Tournament Reserve: Yuta Otaki vs. Yuki Egawa Featherweight Tournament: Jorge [read more]


Trainer Nick Hemmers Hints at a Possible Ruslan Karaev Return

There aren’t many fighters out there that could elicit actual excitement from hardcore kickboxing fans with a return left. Alexey Ignashov at one point had this sort of respect, but the many false starts have led most fans to abandon hope for the Red Scorpion. Instead, imagine a fighter that hasn’t fought since 2009 returning to the ring, because, apparently, that is exactly what is happening with Ruslan Karaev. Karaev is one of the few men to hold a win over Badr Hari during the heyday of K-1. For newer fans it might be confusing to get excited over a [read more]

K-1 Japan K’FESTA.01 Results: Takeru is the King of the World

Last night K-1 Japan held their biggest event to date, K’FESTA.01, where the promotion reached back to their K-1 roots by running the Saitama Super Arena for a huge event. Well, it was sold out, which is really a testament to just how incredible the rise of K-1 Japan has been, and it featured some of the best action anywhere around. It was, of course, an incredibly long event, but it was well-worth it. Takeru walked away victorious in the 8-man tournament, claiming another title and two ultra-violent knockouts. There was just so much on this show. this was perfectChingiz [read more]

Chingiz Allazov Signs Chinese-Exclusive Deal with EM Legend for 2018

When discussing some of the best 70kg fighters in the world it’s hard not to talk about Chingiz Allazov. The current, reigning K-1 Super Middleweight Champion and who has been on a complete tear with a record that has been unblemished since 2014. LiverKick has heard that heading into EM Legend’s 2018 season that Chingiz Allazov has signed on exclusively with the promotion, which is sure to send some shockwaves throughout the kickboxing community. He has been competing in China under the Wu Lin Feng banner previously but will now be tied up exclusively with EM Legend moving forward. This [read more]