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Simon Rutz Sets Final Deadline for K-1; It's Showtime Fighters Not Offered "Bad Deal"

  • Written by Dave Walsh

K-1 Final 16As we had reported previously, there has been a rumor that FEG has offered certain fighters an offer that would let FEG off of the hook for 50% of the money that they owe certain fighters. What many who read it neglected to notice was the last paragraph, which states that it was unclear who this offer was extended to, if anyone. has received numerous reports that K-1 has been working to broker deals with fighters and managers this past week to solidify the K-1 Final 16 and that there were some fighters being offered a "50% deal."

It appears that It's Showtime's fighters were not offered this deal, at least that is what Simon Rutz says as of this morning. When a fan asked Mr. Rutz if It's Showtime fighters would be willing to take a cut of 50% to fight for K-1 he claimed that was not the case for It's Showtime's fighters, and in a reply to another fan's post he said that K-1 was not "blackmailing" them. This does not entirely rule out that some fighters have been offered a "bad deal," but in the case of It's Showtime it appears this deal has not been given to them.

That does not mean that things between It's Showtime and FEG/K-1 are all sunshine and roses, though. It's Showtime's deadline for FEG to pay the money owed to them has been pushed back a few times now. On his Facebook page today, Simon Rutz replied to a fan's question about K-1 paying them and things seemed final; "If they [K-1] do not transfer the money today, then I think no more!" If Friday is the final deadline for K-1, there could be problems brewing for the event.

Multiple sources claim that none of the fighters are actually contracted yet for their fights due to these financial problems. There is talk of K-1 having issues securing sponsors for the event, which is where a lot of their money comes from to help fund events and pay fighters. If you check the K-1 site for the Nanjing Final 16 you'll see that there are no sponsors listed at the bottom, either. Compare to the K-1 MAX event, which was sponsored by Mages.

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