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Steve Moxon Sounds Off on Cabinets, Larsen and More

  • Written by Dave Walsh

Steve Moxon

For Kickboxing fans the name Steve Moxon is one that will not only ring a bell, but be incredibly familiar. The Australian Kickboxer has been competing with the best-of-the-best for years now, standing out as one of the best prospects at 70kg without ever getting his shot at the big time. At GLORY 15 this weekend Moxon will step into the GLORY ring for the third time, this time against the tough Niclas Larsen on the GLORY SuperFight Series undercard.

John Joe O’Regan caught up with Steve Moxon heading into his fight with Larsen this weekend to discuss a wide breadth of topics, everything from his training to family life and everything in between. So here is "Moxon on" various topics. Some you just have to read to believe.



Moving Training Camps

Yeah so recently we decided to pick up and move in order to further my career. My partner Kelly is my rock and when she could see that I was unhappy with my training and where things were going, she decided it was time to pick up and move and make me happy again. So I made the move to Geelong, which is near the beach in Victoria, Australia.

I have joined Top Team Muay Thai and with my new trained Chris Bradford I'm doing all sorts of crazy different strength and conditioning things - swimming, sled-pulls - plus all my padwork and sparring. I am training twice a day every day and you can see the difference, I feel different, I look different. We have an in-house physiotherapist who checks my muscle density each week, water retention and so on.

I am training like a pro, like I need to reach my goal of going Top Ten in GLORY this year. I still have a great relationship with my old trainer but I was living out in the country and wasn't really accountable for my training. I would miss mornings and just say 'ah I will just make up for it in the afternoon session', and I was teaching personal private lessons more than I was training my own work.

At Top Team Muay Thai now I am accountable for my training, my coaches want to know what I have done that day, what I have worked on. It has changed my whole outlook on the sport, I might only have six or seven years left on my career and I want to give them my all. I don't want any more losses on my record.

I want to be exciting for GLORY and for the fans, knock people out and get fights with those top-ranked goals.

Reece McAllister Win at GLORY 11 Chicago

Reece actually go back many years and we're quite close friends, we stayed together in Thailand for a couple of months. We still email and support each other even though I beat him in Chicago. That kind of knockout is a guilty pleasure really.

New Addition to His Family (His Nine Month Old Daughter)

It has made me more motivated for sure. Last year I fell back on my trade of being a cabinet maker. I would work all day then train, sometimes I would go overseas and fight. Now I am thinking of making as much money as possible to take care of my family, so I want to be able to fight as often as possible.

What to Look for in a Good Cabinet

Ha! Good joins, nice splits, no cracks and good finishes. I think good finishing teaches is the key to a good cabinet. Same with good kickboxing really.

Thoughts on Niclas Larsen at GLORY 15

You know what, I don't think he is more experienced. I think Reece has fought better people and I think I have fought better people. I think Larsen is young, confident, hungry, a little bit arrogant. He is wild and ballsy, he comes in at 100 miles and hour. But when I land one on his chin he won't be jumping around too much like he normally does. He has never fought anyone like me whereas I have fought loads of guys like him. So I don't see any way he can beat me.

GLORY 15 Light Heavyweight Tournament

Saki and Spong are my absolute idols, I watch them when I want to get motivated before training. To be able to fight on the same card as those guys is just incredible. It makes me want to get out there and make a statement.

I am predicting a Saki-Spong final and Spong wins by KO. And then the Turkish crowd goes crazy. Hopefully in a good way, ha.

Larsen vs. Ristie at G11

They both looked like crap. Larsen made Ristie look bad. He was swinging wildly, so Ristie wanted to knock him out and he was swinging wild in return. They were missing each other by miles... it was ridiculous. Larsen wouldn't last one round with the Ristie of recent fights. The factor has to be preparation, has to be. People make all sorts of excuses but it really does affect you if you have had a break-up or moved house, been ill or whatever. Something must have affected Ristie's preparations for that one.

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