GLORY 10 Live Results and Updates

GLORY 10 Live Results and Updates

Tonight is the big night! GLORY 10 Los Angeles goes down tonight, starting at 9:30 Eastern time with three free fights on GLORY’s Facebook page. LiverKick will not only be providing live coverage, but if want to check it out live, why not order the PPV directly from us for $20? You get to watch all of the action go down live and get to support GLORY as well as LiverKick. So don’t forget to tune in live with us.

Here is the televised card for tonight.

  • Tournament Finals: Joe Schilling (Ext.R – Unanimous Decision) Artem Levin – Wow, this fight just had it all. It was super dramatic as Levin fought like Levin fights in R1 and things were looking like Joe might have some problems, then in the second round Joe landed an amazing overhand right followed by a knee that almost knocked Levin out. Levin beat the count and held on. Then in the third round Levin scored a few great shots on Joe, but Joe kept in the fight. It was ruled a draw and both men came back out, exhausted, for a fourth round, with it being dead even throughout until Joe landed a big right hand that scored a flash knockdown on Levin before he let the clock run out and Joe Schilling is your new Middleweight Champion of the world. Wow!
  • Robin van Roosmalen (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Shemsi Beqiri – Great back and forth fight between the two, exactly what you would expect from them. Robin was landing some amazing blows, but Shemsi was always in the fight. This was the kind of fight that sells a sport to newer fans.
  • Davit Kiria (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Murthel Groenhart – Very close brawl between the two, but Kiria was pushing the action more and landed the better shots, getting him the super close decision victory.
  • Reserve Bout: Wayne Barrett (R1 – TKO) Rob Plotkin – Well damn, Wayne Barrett just cleaned Rob Plotkin’s clock with a right hand followed by a knee that put him down once, then a right hand that was two knockdowns and it for him.
GLORY 10 Live Results and Updates
  • Tournament: Joe Schilling (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Kengo Shimizu – My god, Joe put a serious beating on Shimizu. I mean, tons of clinch knees and big kicks from Joe, as well as letting his hands go. Shimizu was a tough guy, just would not go down.
  • Tournament: Artem Levin (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Jason Wilnis – Wilnis put up a good fight, but Levin just had the better angles and was connecting throughout the fight. It was an Artem Levin clinic, basically.
  • Facebook Prelims:
  • Brian Collette (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Randy Blake – This fight was just ugly as hell. Lots of clinching, lots of trying to counter, yeah.
  • Ky Hollenbeck (R3 – Unanimous Decision) Albert Kraus – You really gotta give it up to Ky Hollenbeck who just applied constant pressure on Kraus and had Kraus backing up for all three rounds. Kraus did have a great tan, though.
  • Hinata Watanabe (R3 – TKO – leg kicks) Johann Fauveau – This fight was all HINATA, as HINATA thundered Fauveau with leg kicks throughout the fight, landing them with ease. He scored what should have been a down in R1, but it didn’t matter as HINATA kept pushing until he had Fauveau in the corner, bent over, trying to cover up, while HINATA was continuing to assault. Fauveau’s corner was forced to throw in the towel in the third round.