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Glory 27 and Superfights Live Results

Glory 27 Superfight series will begin at 4:30pm PST/7:30pm EST and is live on UFC Fight pass. Then the Glory 27 main card will begin at 7:00pm PST/ 10:00pm EST live on ESPN3 and (for certain countries).

Should be an exciting card, finally Levin and Marcus get to settle the score with their last fight being a draw. Also the 4 man tournament should have very competitive fights as all the fighters are well matched. 

Glory 27

Middleweight Title: Simon Marcus (R3 - Disqualification) Artem Levin -- What. The. FUCK?! This was insanity. I've never seen something like this before. Artem Levin was pushed out of the ring in round one and referee Al Wichgers called it a down and did a standing 8-count. If you know these two you know that they both are heavy fighters. Al Wichgers deducted a point from Levin in R2 for clinching, while ignoring the fact that both men were doing equal amounts of clinching. Then in R3 he took ANOTHER point and threatened to DQ Levin. 

If you understand how fights are scored, Levin had just about no chance outside of a KO to win this fight now, and in such a tightly-contested bout between two talented fighters such as this that was remote, at best. So Levin quit, him and his corner storming off and Marcus crowned the new champion. Al Wichgers absolutely decided the winner of this fight.

Tournament Final: Dustin Jacoby (R2 - KO) Wayne Barrett -- What else is there to say? The problems in Barrett's game are all mental at this point, his self doubt is evident at times, especially for a guy as skilled as he is. Jacoby has done it again and has earned himself a shot at the title. Quite a climb to the top for this guy. 

Featherweight: Giga Chikadze (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Kevin VanNostrand -- VanNostrand started off strong, but Giga's experience edge came out as the fight wore on, with Giga having a much better second round where he had VanNostrand in a lot of trouble. Really fun fight by both guys.

Tournament Semifinal: Dustin Jacoby (R3 - TKO) Karl Roberson -- Man. Dustin Jacoby keeps improving and Roberson is absolutely legitimate competition and Jacoby was patient, waited for the openings and flattened him multiple times near the end of the fight, Jacoby stopping Roberson in the third after two knockdowns.

Tournament Semifinal: Wayne Barrett  (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Robert Thomas -- Thomas was easily the favorite going into this tournament and many had written Barrett off thanks to what seemed to be a losing streak that began in his mind. Barrett came ready to fight and brought it to Thomas all fight.

Glory 27 Superfights

Middleweight: Joe Schilling (188 lb / 85.3 kg) (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Mike Lemaire (188 lb / 85.3 kg) -- Early on this was all Schilling, with us getting a glimpse into the uber-aggressive Schilling that we've seen before. They stood and traded and it was a fun fight. Joe started to tire in R2 but still did enough to push the pace and hurt Lemaire.

Heavyweight: Anderson Silva (246 lb / 111.6 kg) (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Maurice Greene (250 lb / 113.4 kg) -- Braddock took this one, which shouldn't be a surprise. Braddock is a legitimate top level contender and Maurice Greene is still pretty new to this game. Braddock went to town on Greene's legs, scoring a few downs in the second round, but man, did he lack killer instinct here. For the last round and a half it looked like Silva could have put Greene away, but he simply wasn't aggressive enough. Credit to Greene for still fighting on.

Heavyweight: Guto Inocente (244 lb / 110.7 kg) (R1 - KO) Demoreo Dennis (245 lb / 111.1 kg) -- My god. This was BRUTAL.

Welterweight: Richard Abraham (171 lb / 77.6 kg) (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Pawel Jedrzejczyk (168 lb / 76.2 kg) -- This was a brutal, one-sided beatdown on the part of the hometown favorite Richard Abraham. 

Welterweight: Casey Greene (170 lb / 77.1 kg) (R3 - Unanimous Decision) Daniel Morales (170 lb / 77.1 kg) -- This was a close fight. Greene, for the most part, controlled where the action tookplace inside of the ring, but Morales was landing a ton while keeping distance from Morales. Morales actually showed a ton here and was moderately impressive for a guy new to kickboxing. The decision probably should have gone to Morales for landing more, cleaner shots, but hey.



Artem Levin vs. Simon Marcus; or, the One Win That Eludes Levin

When we talk about what GLORY calls their Middleweight division right now it’s hard not to recognize three names as the standard bearer for that division; Artem Levin, Simon Marcus and Joe Schilling. Artem Levin has been the man to beat for many years within the division, although he has been beaten. In fact, he’s only been beaten by Simon Marcus and Joe Schilling since his incredible run on top began back in 2011. Yet somehow Artem Levin always ends up back on top of the division, as the king.

That’s just what he brings to the table. 

Simon Marcus and Artem Levin are at an interesting point in their feud right now, where Simon Marcus holds a win over Levin from Lion Fight in 2013, but their last meeting at GLORY 21 ended in a controversial draw. I say controversial because many saw it as a cut-and-dry win for Simon Marcus, although the judges saw it as a draw. Perhaps if contested under muay thai rules the score cards would have leaned towards Simon and his aggressive, clinch-heavy style. Instead, fans were left wanting more after the five round war and had to wait over half a year for the resolution to that battle. 

Originally they were scheduled to meet at GLORY 24 in Denver, but an ankle injury forced Simon Marcus out of the fight, who was then replaced by Joe Schilling. Almost immediately after Schilling vs. Levin III was announced Levin pulled out of the fight with an elbow injury, which for Schilling brought back flashbacks to trying to get his first meeting with Levin arranged in the first place back in 2012 and 2013, with them scheduled to fight at Battle for the Belts only for Levin to pull out and Kaoklai to replace him. Schilling faced Jason Wilnis at GLORY 24 instead, with Schilling looking aggressive and hungry, Wilnis losing via TKO thanks to an injury and leaving Schilling as a contender for the belt, but Marcus/Levin as the fight that has to happen first. 

Crazily enough, on the undercard this weekend Joe Schilling will be fighting again, this time against American muay thai standout Mike Lemaire. If Schilling, who has one fight left under his GLORY contract after this one and has made it clear that he’ll be participating in Bellator’s Kickboxing league once that is up, gets his title shot is another question entirely. 

With Schilling waiting in the wings that leaves Artem Levin to do his best to pick up a win over a career adversary, the only one that he hasn’t been able to defeat and has hounded him for years. Their styles mesh together perfectly in a messy muay thai-mish-mash of clinching, slipped strikes, knees and punches. While both men are perhaps better suited for muay thai rules, Levin has adjusted the best to the rules while Marcus has had a few stumbling points, including losses to Fang Bian and Joe Schilling that have seen him down and out on the mat. Levin undoubtedly possesses power, but rarely does Levin finish opponents compared to out-techniquing them like he’s prone to doing and picking up a decision. 

As we saw in their last meeting, though, to decisively find himself the winner he’s going to have to do more than be slippery and to initiate and smother in the clinch. Judges and fans want to see more from both men and expect the very best of the best when they clash. Undoubtedly their last bout showed off their skill, but in the judges’ eyes they effectively canceled each other out. This is a big deal for both men, but for Levin this is the one, elusive win that he’s not been able to rack up in his decorated career. 


GLORY 28 Card Complete and Stacked


From my time covering MMA the term "stacked card" went from an actual card chock full of top names to a card with two fights you might want to see. In a way it completely devalued the term and made it a bit of an eye roller for myself and a lot of other people. GLORY has done something here, though, something that is quite different and actually lives up to the term "stacked" with GLORY 28. The GLORY 28 card is in a way a throwback to a forgotten era where hype was real and marketing terms weren't tossed around lightly to keep fans loyal.

The GLORY 28 card proper features Rico Verhoeven defending the GLORY Heavyweight Championship against Mladen Brestovac in what I'd consider a fresh match up in the heavyweight landscape. That's something to behold in the heavyweight division where the best usually fight each other half a dozen times or more, historically. Seriously, in Brestovac's 60 fights and Verhoeven's 58 fights they've never crossed paths. While Adegbuyi was able to stop Brestovac's crazy 12-fight win streak in a tournament in 2015 to challenge Verhoeven, styles make fights and as we've seen Verhoeven has the answer to Adegbuyi's formula. Brestovac doesn't rely on early stoppages as much and things might get interesting, but then again, Verhoeven has looked unstoppable of late.

Groenhart is in action, which will hopefully keep him warmed up for a potential rematch with Nieky Holzken in the future. With GLORY planning two excursions to the Netherlands this year that rematch seems like the perfect way to headline a big Dutch show, but Cedric Doumbe has nothing to lose here.

The Lightweights are back at in looking to contend for Robin van Roosmalen's Lightweight title and man is Sitthichai looking for blood here. Marat Grigorian has been a guy who has deserved a spot near the top of the division for a long time now, so hopefully things stay on path for him and he could give us all a huge surprise on March 12th.

As for the newly-acquired-by-Fight Pass SuperFight Series it perhaps surpasses the main card in a few ways. Saulo Cavalari defending the GLORY Light Heavyweight championship against the very tough Artem Vakhitov, Freddy Kemayo looking to provide one of Xavier Vigney's biggest challenges to date, Serhiy Adamchuk defending the GLORY Featherweight Championship against Mosab f'n Amrani, Jason Wilnis takes on Filip Verlinden, Josh Jauncey against the super tough Anatoly Moiseev and Maykol Yurk against Eddy Nait-Slimani.

If you are a kickboxing fan of any degree this card is insane.

GLORY 28 Paris
Heavyweight Title Headline Bout: Rico Verhoeven (c) vs. Mladen Brestovac
Lightweight Tournament Final Bout: Winner of Bout A vs. Winner of Bout B
Welterweight Co-Headline Bout: Murthel Groenhart vs. Cédric Doumbé
Lightweight Tournament Semi-Final Bout B: Marat Grigorian vs. Djimé
Lightweight Tournament Semi-Final Bout A: Sittichai vs. Davit Kiria

GLORY SuperFight Series Paris

Light Heavyweight Title Headline Bout: Saulo Cavalari (c) vs. Artem Vakhitov
Heavyweight Co-Headline Bout: Freddy Kemayo vs. Xavier Vigney
Featherweight Title Bout: Serhiy Adamchuk (c) vs. Mosab Amrani
Middleweight Bout: Jason Wilnis vs. Filip Verlinden
Lightweight Bout: Josh Jauncey vs. Anatoly Moiseev
Featherweight Bout: Maykol Yurk vs. Eddy Naït-Slimani


Kunlun Fight 38 Results: Buakaw Kills All the Bad Guys and Actual Fights Happened

Kunlun packed up and went on the road for Kunlun Fight 38, hitting up Thailand with a Buakaw Banchamek demonstration as one of the big drawing points for the event. They got their 70kg World Championship Tournament underway with groups A and B, with Dzianis Zuyeu and Khayal Dzhaniev walking away with their respective blocks, moving on to the next round. 

The main attraction was a Buakaw Banchamek muay thai demonstration that was very clearly a staged, heavily choreographed affair for the locals. From everything that I've read it was muay boran, which is the older combative form of muay thai which was one display in Tony Jaa films most famously.

Kunlun Fight 38

Arbi Emiev (R3 - Dec) Mohammed el Mir

Pervis Abhullayev (R3 - Dec) Nurla Mulali

Superbon Banchamek (R3 - Dec) Al Mansouri

Barby (R3 - Dec) Laurene de Oliviera

Kunlun Fight 70kg World Championship Tournament Block A: Liu Lei (R3 - Dec) Razamanesh Benzad

Kunlun Fight 70kg World Championship Tournament Block A: Dzianis Zuyeu (R3 - Dec) Jonay Risco

Kunlun Fight 70kg World Championship Tournament Block A Final: Dzianis Zuyeu (R3 - Dec) Liu Lei

Kunlun Fight 70kg World Championship Tournament Block B: Pong Thong (R3 - Dec) Mo Zhuangwei

Kunlun Fight 70kg World Championship Tournament Block B: Khayal Dzhaniev (R3 - Dec) Miyakoshi Soichiro

Kunlun Fight 70kg World Championship Tournament Block B Final: Khayal Dzhaniev (R3 - Dec) Pong Thong


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