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Andrei Stoica's Win Overturned; Apologizes for Racist Comments

We've received word from Super Kombat's press team that the controversial decision between Andrei Stoica and Redoun Cairo has been overturned by Super Kombat's team after they evaluated the score cards. At the request of Eduard Irimia the review happened and the bout has been declared a "No Contest." The score cards for the fight were 29-29, 29-29 and 30-29 in Stoica's favor. Since Stoica would need a majority to be declared a winner, Irimia noted that this bout should have gone to an extension round, instead Stoica was declared the winner in haste.

They have also confirmed that the two will meet again at a future date for Super Kombat.

On top of this, Stoica's remarks post-fight were... crass to say the least, as well as uncalled for. During a post-fight interview, Stoica, while explaining his opponent, used the dreaded "n-word" to describe him. Super Kombat officials have urged him to make a public apology. His defense is, apparently, that he has black friends and was just joking, as well as has bad english.

"I want to ask for forgiveness again. There was an error of expression because not speak good English. In addition, two of my best friends are black. I'm not a racist."


Fight Code's 2012 Return Hype Video

One of the highlights of 2011 was Carlo di Blasi's Fight Code running a series of highly successful international events hinged around two tournaments; Dragons and Rhinos. Dragons was 72.5kg and Rhinos was 100kg. It looks like this year there will be a whopping ten events under the Fight Code banner and so far we know that there will be yet another 72.5kg tournament with a field of 32 competitors and prize money of $100,000. When we have more information we'll be bringing it to you.


Fighterzone Kickboxing World Series: Disaster, Majority of Fights Cancelled

Fighterzone Kickboxing World Series MAX was supposed to happen today in Singapore. It kind of did, but that doesn't tell the whole story.

Naruepol Fairtex, Antuan Siangboxing, Leo Siangboxing and Mathias Siangboxing all did not fight. According to Siangboxing, they were contracted to be paid at the weigh-ins and the promoter refused. They said the promoter also refused to pay on the day of the fight and thus, the fighters stayed at their hotel and did not go to the event.

This left Andy Souwer without an opponent, as he was supposed to fight Naruepol Fairtex. Souwer ended up fighting in an exhibition bout or "demo" bout and won. According to Andre Manaart, Souwer's trainer, they had doubted whether they were going to the event to fight, as it was very unclear what was happening and very disorganized.

There's even more disorganization, as apparently Dongsu Kim was waiting a very long time to get tickets from the promoter to fly to Singapore and only ended up going the day before the fight.

One fight did happen though. Albert Kraus vs. Ekapop Sor Klinmee took place and Kraus won by first round KO. Apparently it was a pretty vicious knockout, and it is suspected that Ekapop has a broken jaw.

All in all, a very shady, disorganized event. All accounts say there was a very poor turnout, with only about 100 to 200 people at the venue.


Watch This Highlight Reel of Canadian Josh Jauncey

We like to bring you the biggest news and media from around the world of Kickboxing and Muay Thai, so sometimes you gotta go north of the border into Canada, which we will tonight. Canadian Josh Jauncey is one of the young prospects coming out of Canada of many, and shows that there is a whole lot of good coming out of Canada. So go ahead and relax and watch this highlight clip of Josh Jauncey.


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