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K-1 Global Reiterates Their Long-Forgotten Claim to Their Video Library

If you remember back, far back, you'll remember a time when GLORY was proud to announce the acquisition of the K-1 tape library and K-1 was quick to retort that they hadn't and that anything that they did buy was not a legal sale. So the recent announcement that UFC Fight Pass had acquired over 100 K-1 events from GLORY was sure to raise their ire.

Earlier today K-1 Global issued a press statement explaining that this matter is still under legal scrutiny in Japan and that they are still refuting that GLORY actually bought anything back in 2013. What will come of this is anyone's guess, but K-1 seems adamant on this issue. K-1 has been moderately dormant of late, their latest outing was an amateur tournament in Italy run in conjunction with Carlo di Blasi.

K-1 Global currently sanctions K-1 Japan events, though. The last K-1 World Grand Prix that was ran by K-1 Global concluded in 2013 with Mirko Cro Cop emerging victorious. The last K-1 World MAX that they ran saw Enriko Kehl victorious.

Seeing as though the UFC went through with this deal I'm under the assumption that they were comfortable with whatever documentation that GLORY had. For now it looks like the only hope that K-1 has in this matter is for the legal system in Japan to decide in its favor. 


VIDEO: GLORY Countdown Special

GLORY 27 is rapidly approaching and GLORY has put together a bang-up line-up for their 2016 return with the rubber match between Artem Levin and Simon Marcus. Also on the card is a North American middleweight tournament, the winner getting a shot at whomever the champion is come the end of the night in a future event. Here's the countdown special for the event, which will be airing live on ESPN3, the prelims live on UFC Fight Pass.


Joe Schilling vs. Mike Lemaire Added to GLORY 27 SuperFight Series

GLORY 27's SuperFight Series will be the first live event that GLORY will host on UFC's streaming Fight Pass platform and they've decided to put their best foot forward with one of their biggest stars headlining the GLORY 27 SuperFight Series in Joe Schilling. Schilling, who has been rather outspoken about his on-again, off-again relationship with GLORY is seemingly back into the fold taking a fight against Mike Lemaire on two weeks notice, but the added starpower will be a great thing indeed.

Here's a look at the updated card.

GLORY SuperFight Series Chicago

Middleweight Headline Bout: Joe Schilling vs. Mike Lemaire

Heavyweight Co-Headline Bout: Anderson Silva vs. Maurice Greene

Heavyweight Bout: Demoreo Dennis vs. Guto Inocente

Welterweight Bout: Richard Abraham vs. Pawel Jedrzejczyk

Welterweight Bout: Casey Greene vs. Daniel Morales


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