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Alex Pereira Has His Sights Set on Israel Adesanya Rematch

A week ago you may have thought it was over as the excitement of Glory 34 wound down and the fighters and staff geared up for Glory 35 in Nice France on Saturday, November 5th.  It truly is on to the next one, but Middleweight contender, Alex Pereira, has news for his fans, one specific contender and the world.  Prior to his injury, Pereira was scheduled to face Israel Adesanya.  While it would be their first match-up in Glory, it would by no means be their first.  Earlier this year the two met in Glory of Heros 1 in China where Pereira defeated Adesanya by unanimous decision.  In a personal message via Facebook, Pereira stated the following:

“In last GP of Glory, we had great fights ... Israel Adesanya has shown his notoriety in the category .... unfortunately due to an injury I was away, but I will be back stronger, faster and smarter... I can beat Israel Adesanya again (yes, I said again) and anyone in the middleweight division! I'm not any fighter, I'm a warrior! I'll be back”.

So clearly, it is not over.  Pereira stated that he anticipates he will return to the sport in early February and will continue to have Adesanya hot on his radar.  If you will recall, Pereira made his Glory debut in Zagreb 2014 with a shocking first round KO of Dustin Jacoby and has continued to attempt to impose his will over the course of the last two years also defeating Sahak Parparyan on that same night.  He has also faced the former division champion Artem Levin and Jason Wilnis. Pereira’s career extends beyond his 2-2 record in Glory.  Pereira actually has a record of nearly 40 fights with three quarters ending in knock-out.  In other words, Pereira may be currently down due to injury, but far from being out of the game.  2017 looks to be an extremely promising year for Glory and all its fighters.  If you ask Alex Pereira, it will be his time to shine and continue his path to middleweight champion. 


Yokkao Broadcasting Yokkao 19 Via YouTube

International muay thai promotion and gear distributor Yokkao has been putting on their Yokkao events for years now with much critical-acclaim, although fans have always been hungry for getting quicker access to the fights. Yokkao 19 and 20 were no exceptions to this and while the event happened last month it still hasn't been available to the public, that is, until now. Yokkao plans to air Yokkao 19 in its entirety via YouTube at 8:30 pm London time. The image above shows the broadcast times for around the world. 

The event will air on Yokkao's YouTube page.

** YOKKAO 19 Broadcast **

England (YOKKAO Fight Team) vs France -66.5kg

Liam Harrison vs Fabio Pinca

YOKKAO UK Ranking -72,5kg

Chris Shaw vs Jersey Pinto (fight set at 73kg)

Wales vs Scotland -86kg

Charles Sikwa vs Darren Howieson

YOKKAO UK Ranking -72.5kg

Owen Trykowski vs Adi Woods

YOKKAO UK vs Poland -69kg

Steven Long vs Daniel Jedrzejewski


Dilwyn Jones vs Karl Upton


Watch the GLORY: COLLISION Press Event Here

Today in the Netherlands GLORY held a press conference featuring Badr Hari and Rico Verhoeven, who are set to lock horns on December 10th at GLORY: COLLISION. Both men looked prepared for their fight leading into it. While all eyes were on Hari and Verhoeven, GLORY announced that GLORY: COLLISION will air on PPV for $29.99, while the SuperFight Series will be on UFC Fight Pass and GLORY 36 on ESPN3.

Also announced was Ismael Londt vs. Jamal Ben Saddik and Nieky Holzken against Cedric Doumbe.


Kunlun Fight 54 Stream and Live Results

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Kunlun Fight 54 is happening today in Hubei, China. On the card 70kg action in Cedric Manhoef vs. Wu Xuesong, Dzhabar Askerov vs. Dzianis Zuev and the quarterfinals of an 8-woman 61.5kg tournament. Join us live on twitter @Liverkickdotcom and @KiksieDB.

Free Stream - Alternative Stream

Live Results

61.5kg World Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Laetitia Madjene (France) def. Candice Mitchell (Canada) by Decision

Wang Wenfeng (China) def. Lee Chanhyeong (South Korea) by Decision

61.5kg World Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Anissa Haddoui (Netherlands) def. Marisa Pires (Portugal) by Decision

Arthit Hanchana (Thailand) def. Konishi Takuma (Japan) by Decision

61.5kg World Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Juliana Werner (Brazil) def. Diana Zubrovskaia (Russia) by TKO

Cai Liangchan (China) def. Noh Jaegil (South Korea) by Decision

MMA - 66kg
Jo Sungbin (South Korea) def. Stefan Pijuk (Serbia) by Submission

Dzianis Zuev (Belarus) def. Dzhabar Askerov (Russia) by Decision After an Extra Round

MMA - 58kg
Zhang Meixuan (China) vs. Yodkaikaew Fairtex (Thailand) - Draw

Yuichiro Nagashima (Japan) vs. Tian Xin (China) - Draw

61.5kg World Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Wang Kehan (China) def. Korina Papachrysanthou (Greece) by TKO in Round 1

70kg World Championship Tournament Quarterfinal
Cedric Manhoef (Suriname) def. Wu Xuesong (China) by Decision


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