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No, Gokhan Saki Didn't Leave Glory, Is Training at Mike's Gym

An interesting rumor has been circulating the past few days in the Kickboxing world, the rumor being that Gokhan Saki has left Golden Glory and instead set up shop at Mike's Gym. The rumor does have some truths in it, but the truth part is a bit minor in the grand scheme of things. Maritjn de Jong has been quoted saying that Gokhan Saki has indeed been doing some training at Mike's Gym, but it does not mean that he has left team Golden Glory. The Dutch kickboxing world is just a small world and while there are gym rivalries, they are usually exaggerated in the press and most gyms are rather friendly with each other.

Anyway, here is the video that really sparked this rumor.


Photo of the Day: Alistair Overeem Trains with Tyrone Spong

It is just a week away until Tyrone Spong will step into the ring at It's Showtime 58 against the legend Peter Aerts. The bout is slated to be Mr. K-1's retirement in the Benelux region of Europe, originally his full retirement, before Glory stepped in with an offer that he couldn't refuse. As we are all very aware of, Spong is training in Florida alongside the Blackzilian camp, which includes UFC Heavyweight contender and former K-1 World Grand Prix champion Alistair Overeem. This means that Spong and Overeem train together, and for Spong, who better to train with than the man that narrowly defeated him in K-1? The team behind the Reem was there to photograph their training and share it with the world.

Don't forget to go ahead and purchase the PPV for It's Showtime 57 and 58, which means access to the full card!



A Day in the Life at Super Pro Samui 3

Superpro Samui is one of the top gyms in Thailand for Dutch Kickboxers to head and train for upcoming bouts, with them flexing their muscle at K-1 Rising in May with Longern Superpro Samui putting on a very gutsy performance before ultimately losing the fight. Our good friends at Superpro Samui want you to watch this awesome video documenting how a typical day is there, and we agree that you should watch it.

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SuperKombat Stars To Appear At "Fashion Kombat" To Promote July 7 Event

Eduard Irimia has been a successful promoter of kickboxing for quite some time in Romania and Europe as a whole, and his promotion, SuperKombat, is getting bigger each year. You'll never find a SuperKombat event that isn't a packed house, whether it's in Romania, or in Montenegro, where they filled a 7000 seat venue in February. 

SuperKombat has various outlets, such as Local Kombat and their "Bodyguard" series that not only are successful but help build their overall brand. Now they have "Fashion Kombat," but this one doesn't have any fighting in it. Instead, Benny Adegbuyi, Bogdan Stoica and Andrei Stoica, three stars of SuperKombat, will appear at the Crush Summer club in Mamaia, Romania and participate in a fashion show where they'll walk the runway. Also, Remy Bonjasky will once again be a special guest, just as he was at the last Bodyguard event recently.

There will also be a party after that will promote local restaurants and clubs, and of course the event in Varna, Bulgaria on July 7. Varna may seem like a strange location to some, especially with only one Bulgarian fighter on the card, but it's actually a place where a lot of Romanians go for vacation and it's expected that there will be a lot of Romanians in attendance in the 6000 seat venue.

Other promotions could learn a thing or two from Eduard Irimia and SuperKombat on how to promote and hold successful kickboxing events.


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