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Full Fight Card For This Week's Super Kombat WGP in Craiova


SuperKombat will put on yet another event in their SuperKombat WGP series this coming weekend in the city of Craiova, Romania. It will feature another four-man tournament in their WGP series between some of the world's most recognizable Heavyweights. To top it off there are also Superfights featuring Benny Adegbuyi as well as Catalin Morosanu, which are sure to please the hometown crowd in Romania.

The event will be streamed live on and by the looks of it, will be well worth it.

SUPERKOMBAT® World Grand Prix – Fight Card (May 18, 2013 – Craiova, Romania)


1. Super-fight (SUPERKOMBAT® World Title -65kg)

Stauros Exakoustidis (Greece) vs. Ionut Atodiresei (Romania)


2. Semifinal 1 (Heavyweight)

Nikolaj Falin (Germany) vs. Frank Munoz (Spain)


3. Semifinal 2 (Heavyweight)

Vladimir Toktasynov (Russia) vs. Sebastian Ciobanu (Romania)


4. Super-fight (SUPERKOMBAT® World Title -71kg)

Stelios Papadopoulos (Greece) vs. Claudiu Badoi (Romania)


5. Super-fight (Heavyweight)

Jairzinho Rozenstruik (Suriname) vs. Benjamin Adegbuyi (Romania)


6. Super-fight (Heavyweight)

Eduardo Mendes (Cape Verde) vs. Catalin Morosanu (Romania)


7. Final (Heavyweight)

Winner Semifinal 1 vs. Winner Semifinal 2


Badr Hari Rapping with Dutch Rapper APPA


Man. We all know and love Badr Hari's entrance theme, which is performed by Dutch rapper APPA, but it looks like the two of them have collaborated yet again, this time on a song called "KAMPIOEN" or "Champion" in English. Of course we all know of Badr's recent troubles with the law, but he seems to be training regularly now and has a fight coming up with Zabit Samedov that we are all looking forward to, so check out this new song. Hell, it even features Joeren Post at the beginning of it calling out Badr Hari's name. [Source]


Rick Roufus Challenges Evander Holyfield to a Boxing Match


When I saw this bad boy hit my inbox I was a bit stymied at first, as a quick read while walking the dog led me to believe that Rick Roufus and Evander Holyfield were going to be fighting. Both men are accomplished in their own ways, but Evander Holyfield is very much a household name for his Boxing career while Rick Roufus was without a doubt one of the best American Kickboxers in history, but Kickboxing never saw the level of success that Boxing did here in the United States.

It turns out that Rick Roufus is challenging Evander Holyfield to a fight, as both men are getting older and Roufus believes that the fight could be a huge draw between two "classy gentlemen."

The fight is being assembled by the folks at Push Kick Promotions right now, who claim to be in talks with people within Holyfield's camp, but nothing is set in stone yet. The plan would be for it to go down in Las Vegas around the time of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr. Olympia.


SuperKombat New Heroes, May 10: Zabit Samedov Headlines

The next edition of SuperKombat New Heroes takes place on May 10 from Vienna, Austria. The concept of the event is Azerbaijan vs. Europe and the fight card will see 11 fights.

The main event sees Zabit Samedov in action two weeks before his rematch against Badr Hari, as he takes on Wieslaw Kwaniewski in a heavyweight contest. As well, SuperKombat tryouts selectee Janosch Nietlishpach is on the card, along with SuperKombat New Heroes and SuperKombat tournament winner Muamer Tufekcic.

Other names on the card include rising young prospect Alim Nabiev, and long time veteran Fadi Merza. Full information can be found here on SuperKombat's website.

Heavyweight: Zabit Samedov (Azerbaijan) vs. Wieslaw Kwasniewski (Poland)
72.5kg: Parviz Abdullayev (Azerbaijan) vs. Fadi Merza (Austria)
81kg: Kamil Sharifov (Azerbaijan) vs. Niels Wilmnik (Netherlands)
72.5kg: Alim Nabiyev (Azerbaijan) vs. Adem Bozkurt (Turkey)
95kg: Zamiq Atakishiyev (Azerbaijan) vs. Sam Tevette (Netherlands)
Heavyweight: Aghalar Sadiqhov (Azerbaijan) vs. Muamer Tufekcic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
91kg: Anar Mammadov (Azerbaijan) vs. Janosch Nietlishpach (Switzerland)
72.5kg: Ismat Agazade (Azerbaijan) vs. Husnu Sari (Turkey)
91kg: Vuqar Kazimov (Azerbaijan) vs. Mirko Kulacsik (Hungary)
86kg: Etiram Rzayev (Azerbaijan) vs. Uros Bogoyevic (Serbia)
72kg: Ramal Aslanov (Azerbaijan) vs. Cristian Milea (Romania)


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