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Fight Video: Pen-aek Sitnumnoi vs. Saenchai

If you were looking to see the Superfight from Thailand from last night of Saenchai vs. Penaek, you were probably out of luck. There has been a lot of talk about this fight so far, and now via the magic of the internet you can watch it (albeit via questionable quality, but hey). So go ahead and sit back and watch a master at work.


Video: Badr Hari Backstage At K-1

The guys over at were over at K-1 in Madrid, Spain this past weekend and were nice enough to share this video of Badr Hari shadowboxing backstage to prepare for his fight. Badr defeated Anderson "Braddock" Silva by unanimous decision in a fight where he dominated the first round, dropping Silva, but then tired after. Silva took the second round the and third was close but Badr just looked like he wasn't in top shape for this fight. Interestingly enough, Badr's shadowboxing was just that, all boxing. Check out the video, and thanks to

Mohamed Khamal vs. Saiyok Pumpanmuang Video

SLAMM!! held their first "Holland vs. Thailand" event in a long time on Sunday in Almere, Holland and the fight that everyone was excited about was K-1 and It's Showtime veteran Mohamed Khamal fighting Saiyok Pumpanmuang under Muay Thai rules. The event wasn't televised anywhere but a video did finally come out today, showcasing Khamal's win via cut stoppage. Sadly, Khamal retired after the fight, saying he had "more important things" to focus on. A win over Saiyok is a good one to go out on. Check out the video.


Mirko Cro Cop Impresses at K-1 in Madrid

There were some extremely low expectations for Mirko Cro Cop going into today K-1 Rising in Madrid show against Loren Javier Jorge. It isn't even that Jorge is that good of a fighter as much as it was that Cro Cop has had an extremely tough time of late and has looked less-than-mobile. His fight against Ray Sefo from a few months ago was what it was, but Mirko looked incredibly slow and plodding during that bout, not putting on much of a showing before walking away with the victory. He was still the Cro Cop that we knew and barely tolerated from the UFC that was slow, tentative and relied too much on dirty boxing and less on his kicks that made him famous.

The Mirko Cro Cop that showed up against Loren Javier Jorge tonight in Madrid was like an entirely different fighter altogether. The Cro Cop of old, that we all loved to watch and cheer on seemed to be inside of the ring tonight. He was mixing up his strikes, using better angles, throwing his kicks without fear and moving a little bit more like he used to before his UFC career. When Loren crumbled into the corner in the second round after a few deadly left hands from Cro Cop, it didn't feel like a sad display from a down-and-out fighter as much as it felt like a return to form for the former PRIDE Openweight GP Champion and former K-1 fighter.


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