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Joe Schilling Talks Once Again Chasing Artem Levin for Rubber Match and GLORY 24

(C) Glory Sports International/James Law

Few names have become as synonymous with the American kickboxing movement within GLORY over the past few years like Joe Schilling. Schilling was originally a standout muay thai fighter who made a name for himself taking on all comers within his division and rising among the ranks until it was time to fight the top dogs in the world. There may have been some bumps, bruises and cuts along the way, but when it comes to Joe Schilling the word “pretty” isn’t often in the vocabulary. With a nickname like “Stitch ‘em Up” due to his proclivity for throwing lacerating elbows one can quickly understand why Joe Schilling rose up from being a cult favorite to one of GLORY’s American poster boys. 

This Friday evening at GLORY 24 he returns to the GLORY ring to face top middleweight Jason Wilnis. Originally Schilling was going to get his chance at a rubber match with career-adversary Artem Levin and his GLORY Middleweight championship, but an injury forced Levin off of the card and left Schilling with a tough, young and hungry Jason Wilnis looking to make a name off of one of the men who earned his spot on the Mount Rushmore of the division. For Schilling there is a lot riding on this fight outside of just another kickboxing fight, this is his first kickboxing fight since two back-to-back losses in Bellator, the latter being via knockout.

“You know, people have been talking a lot of shit, saying a lot of things, but really, I’m a multi-sport athlete,” he explained to us. “How many fighters can say that? I got caught in MMA, it happens, but now I have to show the world what I can and always have done in the ring and too bad for Wilnis, it’s going to be against him. I’m in demand right now, like they wanted me for the Dynamite show but the medical suspension got in the way of that happening.”

For a time the fight with Artem Levin was Schilling’s white whale, the one fight that eluded him. Scheduled and rescheduled a number of times in their respective pre-GLORY careers, their clash finally happened at GLORY 10 in the middleweight tournament that saw Schilling pull off the victory in an extension round of the finals. Once again Schilling finds himself frustrated with Levin pulling out of a fight with him. “I feel like I’m chasing him all over again. GLORY called me up and said they wanted me to fight Levin in Denver and, you know, this was the fight that I was asking them for, so I took it. Then a few weeks later they call and tell me that Levin was out and Wilnis is in and I was really pissed off.”

Schilling doesn’t seem certain that he’ll get that third fight with Levin any time soon, that he’ll be able to settle the score and have one man walk out victorious in their series, but he seems dead set on moving forward. As for where that future will be for Schilling, it seems to be on Spike TV for now. “I signed a new deal with Bellator, for MMA and kickboxing on Dynamite shows. I know not everyone loved that show, but it was incredible, a lot of vision went into that. There are going to be more and I’m gonna be fighting on them, be it kickboxing or MMA.”

The future within the GLORY ring seems to be less certain for Schilling, though, although he does seem open to more fights in the future. “Kickboxing is always my preference and if the offer is there and it’s the right offer I’ll take it without a second thought. The fights that I want are in GLORY right now.”

There has been a lot of talk about the future of kickboxing in America as well as GLORY’s future, which Schilling of course has had on his mind of late. His thoughts on the matter diverge from the common line of thought, though. “I never buy this line of bullshit about how you need an American champion to make it big here in the US. GLORY has been diluting their product in the name of finding this big American star and it has meant putting on weaker cards not featuring the top talents in the world. Put on big fights between the best fighters and the fans will react to that, who cares if they speak english or if they don’t? What matters is what happens in the ring, not the post-fight interviews.”

Schilling himself is of course one for leaving it all in the ring, with some of the most exciting fights in GLORY’s history under his belt, including the two dramatic fights with Artem Levin that have helped to define GLORY’s middleweight division. That doesn’t mean that he’s overlooking Wilnis on Friday at all, though. “Wilnis is a tough guy, he’s hungry and a win over me would mean a lot for his career. In no way am I overlooking Wilnis, though, I think that I’m on a mission here to prove those doubters wrong. That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

Joe Schilling makes his return to GLORY on Friday at GLORY 24 against Jason Wilnis live on Spike TV in the main event.


2nd KWU Kyokushin World Championship

This past weekend Russia hosted the 2nd KWU Kyokushin World Championship, presented by the Kyokushin World Union – KWU, a non-partial organization, with leaders from different organizations. What made this year’s event even more spectacular was the growing number of organizations taking part. Since the passing of Masutatsu (Mas) Oyama in 1994, the founder of Kyokushin Karate, there have been many splinter groups formed by his former students. This year’s event saw the inclusion of fighters from the Kyokushin World Federation, the International Federation of Karate (Kyokushin), Kyokushin-kan, Association of Russian Kyokushin (AKP) as well as the WKO Shinkyokushinkai, who signed an agreement to work together with the KWU.

This has inspired the hopes of many people within Kyokushin of one day having a unified Kyokushin, which has encouraged the slogan of the KWU to be, “Time To Be United”. A sentiment shared by Hollywood star and Kyokushin Sensei, Dolph Lundgren.



The entire event was broadcast live and was a spectacular event with nothing spared by the Russian hosts. Video of the final is below.

Here now are the results from the World Kyokushin Championship - KWU:

Women 55 kg

1. Boycheva Stanislava (Bulgaria)
2. Virabyan Anna (Russia)
3. Lesniewska Aleksandra (Poland)
3. Violeta Litovska (Bulgaria)

Women 60 kg

1. Fattakhova Guzel (Russia)
2. Emma Markwell (Great Britain)
3. Yuki Yamamoto (Japan)
3. Sandra Van Ham (Netherlands)

Women 65 kg

1. Sabaeva Anzhelika (Russia)
2. Diana Santerj Peres (Spain)
3. Aneta Meskauskiene (Ireland)
3. Lisa Marie Heath (Great Britain)

Women 70 kg

1. Kriazheva Irina (Russia)
2. Rika Hasegawa (Japan)
3. Kirsten Galatius Smith (Great Britain)
3. Alexeyeva Aelita (Kazakhstan)

Women +70 kg

1. Gendik Tatiana (Russia)
2. Brigita Gustaityte (Lithuania)
3. Yoko Fukuhara (Japan)
3. Aurore Chatagnier (France)

Men 60 kg

1. Arushanyan Artur (Armenia)
2. Chekh Vitaliy (Kazakhstan)
3. Genki Takahashi (Japan)
3. Leon Lundreagan (Great Britain)

Men 65 kg

1. Mansurov Marsel (Russia)
2. Khezri Behzad (Iran)
3. Tadashi Takayama (Japan)
3. Yerkebulan Beysembayev (Kazakhstan)

Men 70 kg

1. Toshihide Iwasawa (Japan)
2. Georgi Lotarov (Bulgaria)
3. Hojat Samehzada (Afghanistan)
3. Taichi Sonohara (Japan)

Men 75 kg

1. Tsuyoshi Midori (Japan)
2. Erenkov Sviatoslav (Russia)
3. Carlos Escribano Preciados (Spain)
3. Bratkov Deyan (Bulgaria)

Men 80 kg

1. Suyunov Merey (Kazakhstan)
2. Kinoshita Takeaki (Japan)
3. Jonas Rosin (Sweden)
3. Arnoldas Grevas (Lithuania)

Men 85 kg

1. Riadnov Igor (Russia)
2. Komanov Aleksandar (Bulgaria)
3. Shahyari Farshad (Iran)
3. Fedorov Dmitriy (Kazakhstan)

Men 90 kg

1. Lebo Emanuel (Austria)
2. Uleshchenko Andrei (Russia)
3. Pablo Estensoro Astigarraga (Spain)
3. Khandani Bahman (Iran)

Men 95 kg

1. Maslennikov Nikolai (Russia)
2. Shoki Shimizu (Japan)
3. Ilia Ilin (Germany)
3. Roel Noordman (Netherlands)

Men +95 kg

1. Samadurov Vasily (Russia)
2. Daneshfar Amirhossein (Iran)
3. Cristian Garcia Contreras (Spain)
3. Georgiev Hristo (Bulgaria) 

Final of the World Championship KWU Kyokushin 



Greg Wootton Injured, Replaced by Massaro Glunder for Yokkao 14 Clash with Saenchai

Bad news for fight fans in the UK that were looking to support local fighter Greg Wootton at the big Yokkao 14/Yokkao 15 double header happening on October 10th in the UK as Wootton has injured a rib in training and will be unable to compete. The good news, though, is that Yokkao has not only found a solid replacement, but they've found an amazing replacement by the way of current #4 ranked Featherweight here on LiverKick in Massaro Glunder. Glunder has been impressing the world in K-1 WGP in Japan over the past year or so and will now step into the ring with one of the living legends of the muay thai world in Saenchai. 

For a late replacement, Glunder, fighting out of Mike's Gym, is a fantastic choice on such late notice and will hopefully bring that same fire that he's been bringing to his fights in Japan. 

Yokkao 14/15 takes place on October 10th at Macron Stadium in Bolton in the UK and according to most reports is completely sold out.


Catalin Morosanu and Stoicas Victorious at SuperKombat in Italy

SuperKombat presented their SuperKombat World Grand Prix Final Elimination event live from Italy today, featuring an array of fan favorites on the card. Those fan favorites all won their bouts of choice, some in more spectacular fashion than others. The main event saw Catalin Morosanu annihilate Tomasz Czerwinski in his professional kickboxing debut. All of those muscles on Czerwinski require quite a bit of air and those punches from Morosanu made it that much more difficult to breathe.

Andrei Stoica was victorious over Pavel Voronin and his brother Bogdan was also victorious against Patrick Veenstra. There was a disqualification on this card where the outmatched Matt Murdoch was tossed into the corner by Italian fighter Giuseppe de Domenico, clinched with two hands behind the head and hit with two knees in succession before the ref could break it up, with de Domenico throwing a parting right hand after the ref broke them up, forcing the DQ. 

Full results via our friends at Kiksie.

1. Light Heavyweight plus bout (-86 kg)

Alexandru Negrea (Romania) def. Mohammed El Boulahiati (Morocco) by Split Decision


2. Light Heavyweight bout (-81 kg)

Matt Murdoch (Great Britain) def. Giuseppe de Domenico (Italy) by Disqualification


3. Cruiserweight bout (-92 kg)

Bogdan Stoica (Romania) def. Patrick Veenstra (Netherlands) by Unanimous Decision


4. Middleweight bout (-71 kg)

Amansio Paraschiv (Romania) def. Giannis Skordilis (Greece) by Unanimous Decision


5. Super Cruiserweight bout (-95 kg)

Andrei Stoica (Romania) def. Pavel Voronin (Moldova) by Unanimous Decision


6. Heavyweight bout (+96 kg)

Catalin Morosanu (Romania) def. Tomasz Czerwinski (Poland) by KO in Round 1


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