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Benjamin Adegbuyi Out of GLORY 21, Will Challenge Rico Verhoeven at GLORY 22

Originally slated for GLORY 21 was Anderson "Braddock" Silva vs. Benjamin Adegbuyi in a bout that was known in by insiders to be a #1 contender's bout where the winner would go on to face Rico Verhoeven at GLORY 22 in France. Adegbuyi was forced out of the fight due to a late leg injury and now according to GLORY he will be the contender for Verhoeven's Heavyweight Championship on June 5th in France.

It is an exciting fight considering that Adegbuyi has been a rising star within the Heavyweight kickboxing scene over the past few years, although I am pretty disappointed because the fight against Braddock was his biggest test to date. A win over Braddock would have left no doubts as to him deserving that shot. It looked like Mladen Brestovic would be filling in for Friday against Anderson "Braddock" Silva but it looks like for now that fight is on hold.

I kind of feel for Braddock here, always a bridesmaid and never the bride. Let's hope that he gets his shot soon as well.


Bill Goldberg Calls Out Frank Shamrock for Friday's GLORY 21

GLORY 21 is a mere matter of days away, taking place this Friday evening on Spike TV and while the card seems pretty much set (barring injuries of possible visa issues), that doesn't stop former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg from calling out a possible foe for a fight. It was the hope of the organization to get a big-name feature bout for the show, first trying to lock down Bill Goldberg vs. Alberto Rodriguez (Alberto del Rio/Alberto el Patron/Dos Caras Jr.) only for Goldberg to claim he didn't want to take a fight that would sully the good things that GLORY has been building.

Now with two days left to go Goldberg has taken to Twitter and has found what he considers a proper opponent for himself; Frank Shamrock. Shamrock, a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion on top of holding titles in Strikeforce, WEC and Pancrase. The 42 year old Shamrock has been retired since 2010 now but it would be interesting to see him in a kickboxing exhibition bout against professional wrestler Bill Goldberg.

Since the show is two days away chances are slim that it is added, but hey, you never know, right?


A Look Behind the Scenes of the GLORY 21 Open Workouts

Today we were granted a sneak peak of the firestorm to come this Friday, May 8th in San Diego, also known as GLORY 21.  The location was The Boxing Club, the current training home of  middleweight champion Artem Levin and the event was open workouts. 

The first participant on deck for today's event was one of GLORY's newest finds, Andre Walker.  Walker who is set to face another newcomer to the GLORY stage, Manny Mancha, exuded confidence in the ring demonstrating high energy with kicks and punches that may just surprise his opponent.  The second fighter up was the always exciting, "Human Highlight Reel", Raymond Daniels.  Despite having suffered a loss at GLORY 19 in Virginia, Daniels came to the ring to show that he remains in it to win it!  High flying as ever, Daniels demonstrated the determination to, if nothing else, make it exciting and keep his opponent guessing! The final two participants at the open workout event were the two men scheduled to bring the house down as the finale of GLORY 21 card in a battle for the middleweight title, Artem Levin and Simon Marcus.  Marcus, who was without his trainer, gave attendees a taste of what a work-out is like in his world! STAMINA is what he's obviously about in training.  Marcus took the crowd through a series of sit-ups, push-ups, kicks and other combinations that left us all sweating as we watched.  Levin then took center ring in the finale of the open workouts and gave the crowd a taste of his ever increasing agility, power and flexibility.  Levin also gave the crowd a sneak peak at some of his combinations as well as how he maintains his reputation for not only throwing a punch, but evading the strikes of his opponents. The outcome of this bout will be very interesting as it will not be the first time these two have faced off in the ring. Marcus has previously defeated Levin in a Muay Thai rules bout. So, may the best man win on Friday night!

While the event was short but sweet, Tim Hughes kept the crowd entertained with his amazing commentary and introductions. Also on deck for weigh ins was the newest member of GLORY's commentary team, Goldberg! 

Look out folks!! It's happening in San Diego, Friday, May 8th at the Valley View Casino Center!  Watch it on Spike or see the event live, GLORY always aims to please and match-ups feature here will keep fans satisfied!


A Look at Xavier Vigney Heading Into GLORY 21's Heavyweight Tournament

Do you remember September 28th 2013? I remember that day, okay well I don't really, but thay sounded really good, didn't it? I actually do have a very vivid memory of one thing from that date, GLORY 10: Los Angeles and the impression one fighter left on me. Who is that fighter you might ask? The up and coming, Northern California heavyweight Xavier Vigney. It wasn't his first day on the job, but it was my first opportunity to witness a talent on the rise. The LA event was Vigney's debut with GLORY and by knocking out his opponent, Hyunman Myung, Vigney demonstrated that he had arrived and was ready to climb the ranks in the world's best kickboxing organization. Following GLORY 10 I anxiously awaited another opportunity to see more, at GLORY 19, I got my chance. At GLORY 19: Virginia, the 6'8" Vigney was matched against Everett Sims in a battle which would end with Vigney's TKO victory. Following this second GLORY win, I also had an opportunity to talk with Vigney, get a little history and find out what's next for him.

Hailing from Northern California, Vigney reports an early interest in boxing, but actually spent much of his youth on the football field. Naturally athletic and no stranger to spending hard days training, Vigney walks around normally at a svelte 109-113kgs. Making his pro debut in 2012 at a K-1 event, Vigney faced Seth Petruzelli. It was druing this event that Vigney proved that he was ready for the big stage as he repeatedly dropped Petruzelli throughout the first and second rounds. In K-1, Vigney also faced Zabit Samedov. While not victorious in this match-up, he has continued his pursuit of kickboxing glory. Vigney joined GLORY via their eight-man ‘Road to GLORY’ tournament. He took this tourney by storm, with three KOs in one night and thereby earning a coveted GLORY contract. he won by stopping three opponents in one night, one after another, earning himself a contract.

While he continues his rise in GLORY, Vigney has dabbled in boxing, a sport in which he's also had some success. He also voices no opposition to the prospect of MMA. And so at a youthful 24 years of age Xavier Vigney has gone from gridiron superstar to hot prospect in K-1 to rising star in GLORY. What's next? More hard work and GLORY 21: San Diego where he will face GLORY newcomer, Maurice Jackson. On Saturday, May 8th we will see what Xavier Vigney has in store for his opponent. Win or lose without a doubt those watching will be able to witness an exciting fight where Vigney will bring the strength, power and agility he has cultivated over the years.


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