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Yokkao Bringing Saenchai to the US This Winter For Seminars

Living legend Saenchai will be returning to North America in January and February for a tour of the US, Mexico and Canada for seminar sessions thanks to Yokkao. Yokkao, who have already announced their intentions to focus more heavily on the US market, will be making part of their big push this winter with these Yokkao-sponsored Saenchai seminars. 

Saenchai has been holding seminars all around the world, teaching packed gyms some of his astounding techniques and rock-solid grasp on the sport. 

Check out Yokkao for more info.


SuperKombat World Grand Prix 2016 Final Elimination Results: Ngimbi Captures The Title

SuperKombat held their Final Elimination event on Saturday in Romania, featuring a bout for the vacant Middleweight Championship between Chris Ngimbi and Amansio Paraschiv. Many saw Ngimbi as a pushover for Paraschiv, but he brought the fight to him for all three rounds, landing the cleaner shots and taking the title home. 

SuperKombat Middleweight Championship: Chris Ngimbi (R3 - Decision) Amansio Paraschiv 

Sebastian Cozmanca (R3 - Decision) David Trallero 

Sebastian Ciobanu (R3 - Decision) George Davis

Cristian Spetcu (R3 - Decision) Jonathan Fabian 

Bogdan Nastase (R3 - Decision) Diego Mosquera 

Daniel Stefanovski (R3 - KO) Ionut Sandur 

Razvan Tiru (R1 - KO) Nicu Buceac 

Maxim Pleshko (R3 - Decision) Cristi Stoica by unanimous decision



Krush 69 Results

What an amazing card by Krush last night. Knockdowns and knockouts left and right and just an overall great card with well matched fights. Japan still does kickboxing like no other.

Full Results

-53kg : Akihiro Kaneko def Fumiya Hata KO (3R, Knee)

-45kg : Koto Hiraoka def Yukari DEC (Unanimous,30-28,30-28,30-27)

-60kg : Riku Anpo def Yuki Miwa KO (2R. Punches )

-63kg : Hajime Hata def Keisuke Nakamura DEC (Unanimous,29-27,29-28,30-27)

-48kg : Momi def Miyako "Smile" Mitsuhori DEC (Unanimous, 30-27,30-27,30-27)

-65kg : Daiki Matsushita def Mitsuharu Waki KO (1R knee to the body)

-67kg : Mohan Dragon def vs Takehiko Saito KO (1R , Punches)

-55kg : Keisuke Ishida def Ryuji Horio DEC (Split,Extra Round, 9-10,10-9,10-9)

-70kg: Hiroki Nakajima def Kotetsu DEC (Unanimous, 30-29,29-29,30-29)

Krush -70kg contenter match : Yu Hirono def Shintaro Matsukura DEC (Unanimous, 29-28,30-28,30-28)

Krush Womens -50kg Championship : Kana def Kill Bee KO (3R, Headkick )


Krush -55kg Championship : Nobuchika Terado def Charles Bongiovanni KO (1R , Punches Three knockdowns)




September 2016 LiverKick Rankings Update: Featherweight In Chaos

As we leave the summer behind there were a lot of changes in the LiverKick rankings. From a personal standpoint, my wife and I just had twins, which accounts for why this is later than we would have liked. That just meant that Jay and I had a lot of work to do for these. 

The LiverKick rankings date back to 2010 when Fraser Coffeen and myself began ranking fighters across multiple divisions, with the only way to move up the rankings (or being added to them) being defeating a ranked opponent. Therefore, these rankings are based upon who beats who, not talent, potential or anything else. They are also current, meaning that past wins or losses are not taken into account when ranking a fighter. 

 There wasn't a ton of movement at Heavyweight this time out. The biggest changes come by the way of Hesdy Gerges finding his way back onto the rankings and Andrei Gerasmichuk drops down accordingly. Light Heavyweight saw Zack Mwekassa become the Interim GLORY champion, defeating Mourad Bouzidi, which caused a few slides. Ionut Iftimoaie makes his debut after defeating Jorge Loren.

Middleweight is where there was some serious action. Jason Wilnis is the new GLORY champ, usurping Simon Marcus. Israel Adesenya has had a tremendous run since our last update in May and Ibrahim El Boustati makes his way onto the rankings thanks to a big win over Verlinden. Joe Schilling's drop is entirely because of the loss to Hisaki Kato, who immediately "retired" from kickboxing afterwards. It'll be interesting to see what else shakes up in this division.

Welterweight has been relatively static, mostly because Nieky Holzken is still the king and nobody has beaten him. The only movement comes thanks to Bellator Kickboxing's shake-up at the top of their division, with Zoltan Laszak defeating Karim Ghajji.

The lighter weight classes are where things get really odd. Superbon Banchamek is a beast and made Sitthichai look human, which is kind of amazing. There were a few omissions this time out due to activity issues of Yodsanklai and yet another "I'm leaving kickboxing," this time from Enriko Gogokhia, who has moved to the US to pursue a boxing career. Wu Xuesong has continued to be impressive, as has Tayfun Ozcan. Josh Jauncey hit a rough patch, but due to departures moved up and Jomthong makes his rankings debut.

Featherweight is where the shake-up was, with super-hyped Ilias Bulaid making his rankings debut at #2 thanks to a strong performance in the K-1 tournament. The real shake-up came from Massaro Glunder losing. For those of you who might not grasp how ridiculous these rankings can be to tabulate, Glunder's loss to Kim Minsoo then opened up the division for Wei Ninghui and Abdallah Ezbiri, meaning that some of the names on the list had to drop. 

As an aside, Gabriel Varga remains in his spot even though he did win the GLORY championship. The reality is that Featherweight is the most competitive division in the entire sport and it is also a fractured division. Due to these shake-ups, mainstays like Yuta Kubo had to be removed, as did former champion Serhiy Adamchuk. Remember, these rankings began a while back and rely on who-beats-who. One loss to someone outside of the rankings can -- and does -- create chaos. 

LiverKick Rankings Updated on 9/28/2016

Heavyweight (Per 9/16)

1 Rico Verhoeven
2 Benjamin Adegbuyi
3 Ismael Londt
4 Jahfarr Wilnis
5 Fabio Kwasi
6 Guto Inocente
7 Jamal Ben Saddik
8 Anderson Silva
9 Hesdy Gerges *
10 Andrei Gerasmichuk v


Heavyweight (Per 9/16)

1 Artem Vakhitov
2 Saulo Cavalari
3 Zack Mwekassa ^
4 Mourad Bouzidi v
5 Danyo Ilunga v
6 Mladen Kujundzic v
7 Ionut Iftimoaie *
8 Jorge Loren v 
9 Andrei Stoica v
10 Luis Tavares
Middleweight (Per 9/16)

1 Jason Wilnis ^
2 Simon Marcus v
3 Artem Levin v
4 Israel Adesenya ^
5 Ibrahim El Boustati *
6 Filip Verlinden v
7 Alex Pereira v
8 Joe Schilling v
9 Dustin Jacoby v
10 Cedric Doumbe v
Welterweight (Per 9/16)

1 Nieky Holzken
2 Artur Kyshenko
3 Cedric Doumbe
4 Murthel Groenhart
5 Hicham El Gaoui
6 Raymond Daniels
7 Yoann Kongolo
8 Zoltan Laszak *
9 Karim Ghajji
10 Mustapha Haida v
Lightweight (Per 9/16)

1 Superbon Banchamek *
2 Sitthichai
3 Robin van Roosmalen v
4 Giorgio Petrosyan
5 Marat Grigorian ^
6 Wu Xuesong ^
7 Tayfun Ozcan ^
8 Anatoly Moiseev *
9 Josh Jauncey ^
10 Jomthong Chuwattana *
Featherweight (Per 9/16)

1 Kaew Weerasakreck
2 Ilias Bulaid *
3 Hidaeki Yamazaki v
4 Masaaki Noiri v
5 Minoru Kimura v
6 Wei Ninghui *
7 Abdallah Ezbiri *
8 Kim Minsoo *
9 Gabriel Varga
10 Massaro Glunder v


* - New Addition

^ - Moved Up

v - Moved Down


The rankings are living rankings that have existed in one form or another since 2009. After the initial rankings were tabulated, they moved on from there. If one fighter beats a fighter ranked above them, they take their place. If a new fighter is introduced, that means that said fighter is ranked above whomever he beat, moving everyone else down. 

Fighters can drop or move up in the rankings without losing or winning, depending on the division in general. After 12 months of inactivity, or if a retirement is announced, fighters can be removed from the rankings. These rankings are also at our discretion.


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