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LiverKick.com Rankings

Heavyweight (Per 4/15)
1. Rico Verhoeven
2. Daniel Ghita
3. Gokhan Saki
4. Tyrone Spong
5. Peter Aerts
6. Errol Zimmerman up
7. Benjamin Adegbuyiup
8. Ismael Londt up
9. Hesdy Gerges up
10. Ben Edwards up

Light HW (per 4/15)
1. Gokhan Saki up
2. Tyrone Spong down
3. Danyo Ilunga
4. Nathan Corbett down
5. Saulo Cavalari

Middleweight (per 4/15)
1. Wayne Barrett
2. Joe Schilling
3. Artem Levin
4. Steven Wakeling
5. Franci Grajs

Welterweight (per 4/15)
1. Nieky Holzken 
2. Joseph Valtellini 
3. Simon Marcus
4. Marc de Bonte
5. Aussie Ouzgni


70kg (Per 4/15)
1. Davit Kiriaup
2. Andy Ristiedown
3. Robin van Roosmalendown
4. Giorgio Petrosyandown
5. Murthel Groenhart
6. Buakaw Banchamek
7. Dzhabar Askerov
8. Ky Hollenbeckup
9. Aikprachaup
10. Enriko Kehlup

65kg (per 1/20)
1. Masaaki Noiri
2. Mosab Amraniup
3. Yuta Kubo down
4. Sagetdao
5. Liam Harrison

Haarlem Fight Night went down yesterday in Haarlem, Netherlands and featured a one night tournament at 70kg, featuring the likes of most notably Armen Petrosyan and Henri van Opstal.

The quarter finals saw Maiki Karathanasis defeat Anthony Kane by decision and Robbie Hageman beat William Diender by decision in an extra round of a close fight. Henri van Opstal cruised to a decision win over Kevin Hessling in his quarter final, while Armen Petrosyan stopped Nick Beljaards in the first round of his quarter final with three knockdowns.

The semi finals were then set up with Henri van Opstal vs. Maiki Karathanasis and Armen Petrosyan vs. Robbie Hagemen. Karathanasis was pparently visibly tired from his weight cut in the quarter finals and that was more of the same in the semi final. van Opstal cruised to another decision win and advanced to the final. In the other semi final, Armen Petrosyan cruised to a decision over Robbie Hagemen, saving himself for the final.

The final was to be five rounds, because of the WMTA title on the line for the tournament winner, but it didn't last that long. Petrosyan managed to damage van Opstal with low kicks over the course of the fight. After being thrown to the canvas a few times, van Opstal found it increasingly difficult to get up due to his legs being battered. After the third round, van Opstal's corner of Team Souwer threw in the towel, declaring Armen Petrosyan the winner.

Quarter: Maiki Karathanasis def. Anthony Kane by decision.
Quarter: Robbie Hagemen def. William Diender by decision in an extra round.
Quarter: Henri van Opstal def. Kevin Hessling by decision.
Quarter: Armen Petrosyan def. Nick Beljaards by TKO (3 Knockdowns) in Round 1.

Semi: Henri van Opstal def. Maiki Karathanasis by decision.
Semi: Armen Petrosyan def. Robbie Hagemen by decision.

Final: Armen Petrosyan def. Henri van Opstal by TKO (Corner Stoppage) after Round 3.

Also on the card were some up and coming Dutch prospects in Cedric Manhoef and Ibrahim El Bouni. Manhoef defeated Gym Haarlem's Abder Bechiri by decision. while El Bouni got a win back for Gym Haarlem as he beat Ronnie Roomeijer of Mike's Gym by decision.

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