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GLORY 35 Full Updated Card and Predictions

Tomorrow afternoon in Nice, France GLORY returns in rapid-succession with GLORY 35. The GLORY 35 SuperFight Series starts at 2:30pm Eastern on UFC Fight Pass, the main card at 5pm Eastern on ESPN3. The card has been updated along the way (as it always does), but here's a chance to look at the fights on the main card.

Artem Vakhitov vs. Zack Mwekassa

Mwekassa's hands are what brings him to the dance here and made him the Interim Champion, but he's gonna need more than his incredible speeches and those bombs of hands to overcome the overall package that is Artem Vakhitov. Vakhitov is not only a tough veteran, he's one of the best in this weight division and quietly earned that spot. Chances are that he's able to simply out-kickbox Mwekassa here, but damn would it be a story if Mwekassa overcame these odds, huh?

Zinedine Hameur-Lain vs. Pavel Zhuravlev

Pavel Zhuravlev has been one of those names fighters that have existed on the fringes for years, but never was able to carve out a definitive spot for himself as a heavyweight. There seems to be a simple reason for that; he's much better at light heavyweight. He was picked to win the contender tournament at GLORY 32, but Ariel Machado beat the odds with a victory over him, with Hameur-Lain going on to win the tournament. Zhuravlev gets another crack at contendership here by fighting the number one contender and while Hameur-Lain has power and skill, it's hard to see Zhuravlev losing here.

Jafharr Wilnis vs. Mladen Brestovac

This tournament is one of their better contender tournaments in a while, right? Wilnis proved himself to be a worthy contender in the last tournament he was in, only for Ismael Londt to win a decision he may have no deserved. Now it seems like Londt isn't getting a title shot anyway -- or is he? Nobody is talking about it and I've never gotten a definitive answer as to what was going on with that. Brestovac is absolutely a legit contender at this point, but it feels like this is Jahfarr's time. Imagine the story here if Wilnis challenged Rico for the title and took it, making both himself and his brother Jason as GLORY champions in two of their most popular divisions. 

Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. Hesdy Gerges

Just like the last fight, this is a really great fight. Adegbuyi has had his chance against Rico and it just doesn't seem like a fight that he can win, but that being said, he has evolved as a fighter every time that we've seen him and his mix of power and heart has gotten him very far in a short amount of time. A win over Hesdy would really cement his status as a top three heavyweight because Gerges is very much a heavyweight gatekeeper in kickboxing. That being said, Hesdy is one of those guys that can easily upset a favorite and pick up a win.


Light Heavyweight Title Headline Bout: Artem Vakhitov vs. Zack Mwekassa 

Light Heavyweight Co-Headline Bout: Zinedine Hameur-Lain vs. Pavel Zhuravlev 

Heavyweight Contender Tournament Bout: Jahfarr Wilnis vs. Mladen Brestovac 

Heavyweight Contender Tournament Bout: Benjamin Adegbuyi vs. Hesdy Gerges


Heavyweight Bout: Nicolas Wamba vs. Nordine Mahieddine 

Welterweight Bout: Karim Benmansour vs. Eyevan Danenberg 

Super Bantamweight Bout: Amel Dehby vs. Jiwaen Lee 

Lightweight Bout: Josh Jauncey vs. Christian Baya 

Featherweight Bout: Petpanomrung Kiatmoo9 vs. Stanislav Renita 

Featherweight Bout: Cedric Castaigna vs. Vang Moua 


Updated KNOCK OUT Card For December 5th

This week Japanese promotion KNOCK OUT announced a change to their vol.0 event on December 5th at the Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan. The change comes in their 55kg fights with Keisuke Miyamoto now fighting Eisaku Ogasawara. Both men were scheduled for other bouts but will now clash against each other. Here is the updated card.


KNOCK OUT vol.0 5.12.2016 


Genji Umeno(36W.7L.3D) vs Sirimongkol PK Saenchaigym 

Tenshin Nasukawa(16W) vs Wanchalong PK Saenchaigym 

Takuya Imamura(31W.13L.4D) vs Youichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima(23W.15L.2D)

Yosuke Morii(35W.7L.3D) vs Yodwandee Nitisamui(140W.41L.2D)

Haruaki Otsuki(38W.8L) vs Starboy

Keisuke Miyamoto(23W.9L.5D) vs Eisaku Ogasawara(25W.3L)


Bellator Kickboxing Scoops Up Jorina Baars

There is something to be said for fighters who take control of their destiny when put in a tough spot. When Lion Fight needed an opponent for Cris "Cyborg" Justino many assumed that Jorina Baars, who was willing to accept the challenge, would simply be fodder for the MMA star. Yet, they couldn't have been more wrong. Baars was there to fight and won the Lion Fight Welterweight Championship and not only did she win the title, but she has gone on to defend that title three more times since then.

But it appears that she will no longer be fighting under the Lion Fight banner and instead Bellator Kickboxing has made a big move in signing Baars. 

Baars joins other stars formerly with organizations like Lion Fight, GLORY and K-1 in jumping ship to Scott Coker's kickboxing promotion. While Bellator Kickboxing hasn't exactly put on a ton of shows just yet, the recent signings like Baars, John Wayne Parr and many more shows their dedication to building up their divisions across the board.


K-1 World GP in Japan: Featherweight Championship Tournament Results

K-1 crowned a Featherweight Champion in Japan last night and it was -- of course -- the ultra-violent Takeru who took the crown. Here are the quick results from the fights.


Yoyogi National Gymnasium

Tokyo Japan

Live on AbemaTV (fight channel) 16:00 JP / 12AM PST / 3AM EST


Yuki Egawa def Ryota (Punches, left to liver then head)

Ryuya Mineyama def Yuto Shinohara DEC (Unanimous)

Rukiya def Hisaki Hashimoto DEC (Unanimous)

~Opening Ceromony~

~K-1 Featherweight Championship Grand Prix~

reserve bout : Hirotaka Asahisa def Yuta Otaki DEC (Unanimous)

K-1 World GP Featherweight Quarter Final #1 : Ozawa Kaito def Josh Tonna KO 1R (Flying knee to the body)

K-1 World GP Featherweight Quarter Final #2 : Elias Mahmoudi def Ryuma Tobe DEC (Unanimous)

K-1 World GP Featherweight Quarter Final #3 : Yun Qi def Shota Kanbe KO 3R ( Two knockdowns, punches & flying knee )

K-1 World GP Featherweight Quarter Final #4 : Takeru def Jamie Whelan DEC (Unanimous)

K-1 Koshien 2016 -55kg Final : Taito Gunji def Ryuya Tsubakihara DEC (Unanimous)

K-1 Koshien 2016 -60kg Final : Yuma Saikyo def Takumi Yokoyama DEC (Unanimous)

K-1 Koshien 2016 -65kg Final : Kensei Kondo def Umi Honma DEC (Unanimous)


K-1 World GP Featherweight Semifinal #1 Kaito Ozawa def Elias Mohmoudi DEC (Unanimous)

K-1 World GP Featherweight Semifinal #2 Takeru def Yun Qi KO 2R (Punches)

Yasuomi Soda def Fawad Seddiqi DEC (Unanimous)

Yuta Kubo def Keita Makihira DEC (Unanimous)

Sanny Dahlbeck def Yashuhiro Kido KO 2R (Punches and Knee)

K-1 World GP Featherweight GP Championship Final Takeru def Kaito Ozawa Dec (Unanimous, Takeru dominated this rematch from the beginning and he dropped Kaito twice with flurries near the end of round one. Takeru didn't fight with caution as both slugged it out until the end)


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