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Road to GLORY USA 77 kg Tournament Goes Down This Friday in NYC

The next installment of GLORY's "Road to GLORY" Series will be in full effect this Friday in New York City, as the best of America's 77 kg division take the stage to compete for a spot in the #1 kickboxing organization in the world. Compared to the other Road to GLORY USA shows that have already taken place, this one is by far the most packed with national talent. 

Anthony Nieves, Brett Hlavaceck, Marcus Fisher, and Eric Utsch are all some of the most promising Muay Thai fighters in America. A common misconception among fans not familiar with the state of kickfighting sports in the United States is that Americans are typically blessed with quick, powerful hands, but are sadly lacking in the kicking and knee'ing department. While this might have been true when boxers often tried their hand at kickboxing back in the 80's and 90's, the majority of USA's cross-over talent is now heavily based in Muay Thai. Hlavaceck and Fisher are especially reliant on the clinch, while Nieves is largely an "elbow" fighter. It remains to be seen how well they will make the transition in GLORY. 

Tarek Rashed, Francois Ambang, Jeremy Carper, and Ryan Parker round out the rest of the tournament participants. Out of these final four, I believe Parker is the dark horse. He's an undefeated MMA fighter with a record of 14-0. We saw what Dustin Jacoby did to 95 kg tournament favorites Brian Collette and Randy Blake. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that another mixed martial artist with heavy hands could make a sizable impact in America's developing kickboxing scene. 

Concluding the card, veteran Cyrus Washington facs Chris Clodfelter in what might be one of the most exciting fights of the night. 

As with most of the Road to Glory events, video is scheduled to be aired on tape delay sometime in the future. There will most likely be a highlight reel uploaded for all those who were not able to attend. 

Full Tournament Line-up

Brett Hlavaceck

Marcus Fisher

Anthony Nieves

Tarek Rashed

Eric Utsch

Ryan Parker

Jeremy Carper

Francois Ambang

Reserve Fight: Cyrus Washington vs. Chris Clodfelter



Superkombat New Heroes Streams Live and Free this Saturday

Saturday, March 23 will be a big weekend for fight fans. We announced some time back that Superkombat's "New Heroes" event in Sao Paulo, Brazil would taking place on Saturday, featuring a four man heavyweight qualifying tournament and two Brazilian super-fights. 

The event will be viewable live and free on, or by downloading the app, which will be available after registering on the VOYO website. 

Click here for the full card.



Developments in Kickboxing's 85kg Division Over the Weekend

This past weekend was packed with fights around the globe. In particular, there were some telling developments in the 85kg division, a division that the verdict is still out there on. One can get the gist of who the top few guys in the division are, but beyond that the field is wide open. The results that transpired this past weekend make the picture a bit clearer, at least.

The biggest fight in the division this past weekend was Sahak Parparyan vs. Cesar Cordoba at Enfusion Live in Barcelona on Saturday. Sahak is recognized as one of the top 85kg fighters in kickboxing, along with Franci Grajs and Andrew Tate, who have all fought each other. Going into the fight, I knew that it would be competitive and that Cordoba is a very good fighter. There was a bit of a question mark on Cordoba though, seeing as he only fights at home as of late and hasn't fought top competition in a while. Despite the fight ending in a draw, Cordoba proved that he's up there with the top 85kg fighters, as he took the first two rounds from Sahak by just being too slick and technical. Basically, add another name to the picture.

Also on the card was an 85kg fight between It's Showtime veteran Moises Ruibal and young Slovenian, Tadej Toplak. Going in, I thought Toplak had a lot of potential and despite getting stopped, I still think it's there. Ruibal continues to hang around, though I wouldn't put him close to the likes of Sahak, Grajs, Cordoba and Tate. Toplak hurt Ruibal at first but then got overaggressive and ran into a couple of huge punches, getting dropped. Toplak rematches Ivan Stanic next month at Enfusion Live in Slovenia. He did get stopped by Ruibal, but he definitely looked like he had recovered a fair bit.

Another event with multiple match-ups with 85kg division implications was Monte Carlo Fighting Masters in Monaco. The event saw a number of fights around that weight, notably Halim Chibani vs. Suleiman Magomedov and Yassine Ahaggan vs. Horace "Boy Boy" Martin. Chibani vs. Magomedov was a fight between two guys who could in my opinion compete with the best in the division. Magomedov had an impressive resume coming in but video was scarce, so evaluating him was difficult. From an eight minute highlight of the fight, Magomedov, who won via decision, looked pretty good. He's tall and skilled for the division and looks like he can compete with the top guys. Chibani would probably do better against an opponent with a different style, one who's more head on like Yassine Ahaggan, who he stopped last year.

Speaking of Yassine Ahaggan, he's another young fighter out of France with a lot of promise. I thought he'd definitely beat Horace Martin going in, and he was winning until getting stopped. For me, this was the best I've seen Martin look. He didn't fight wild and he was calm and calculated throughout, taking his time to find holes in Ahaggan's defense before exploiting them with big power punches and knees. It was an eye opening performance that showcased a lot of intangibles I didn't know Martin had. Ahaggan is still a good fighter and has a future in my opinion, but just seems to get a bit wild at times.

Finally, Andrew Tate was also in action in France, where he avenged a 2011 loss to Vincent Petitjean. The fight was in full contact but both fighters are good and also fight what we group into kickboxing or K-1 rules. Tate is obviously one of the top fighters in the 85kg division already and is on pace to have a big 2013 with three other Enfusion fights lined up already in the coming months. Petitjean is a fighter who I'd like to see more of, as he has a different skillset than most fighters, like Tate, and has beaten Tate once. Petitjean drew with Francis Javier Jorge, who is another capable fighter, last month.


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