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Badr Hari Announces That He Won’t Fight in September

With GLORY 59 rapidly approaching on September 29th there has been a lot of speculation about running the Johann Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam that GLORY would pack the card, including Badr Hari. As of right now Rico Verhoeven is scheduled to defend the GLORY Heavyweight Championship and a lot of fans and insiders saw the clash with Badr Hari as an inevitable one, especially considering the size of the venue and the location in Amsterdam. But, according to a post from Badr Hari via his Instagram today, that is simply not happening. Badr Hari posted a video of him inside [read more]

Rico Verhoeven Remains Untouchable at GLORY 54

It’s usually hyperbole when you talk about a combat sports champion being unrivaled. Yet, in the case of Rico Verhoeven in kickboxing, that’s exactly what he is. GLORY has thrown virtually everyone that there is at Verhoeven throughout his world title reign and there have been very few moments where Rico looked human. At GLORY 54 Rico was tasked with a rematch against Mladen Brestovac, who is known for his deadly left high kick. The two met prior in a match that very much went Rico’s way, but Rico refused to underestimate Brestovac for a second fight. While the odds [read more]

GLORY 54 Airing Live on ESPNews This Saturday in United States

Following suit from the last GLORY event, GLORY 54 will be airing live on ESPNews. The event will air live at 4:30pm eastern time on ESPNews, with it originally supposed to be airing on the streaming-only ESPN 3. Make sure to check your local listings for this one because ESPNews might not be included in your cable/satellite package and may require an extra charge or even a more expensive package from your provider. The four-fight card from the UK features Rico Verhoeven vs. Mladen Brestovac for the GLORY Heavyweight Championship as well as Harut Grigorian vs. Alim Nabiyev for the [read more]

GLORY Returns to the UK with GLORY 54 Featuring Rico Verhoeven vs. Mladen Brestovac

The UK has always been considered one of the hot bed markets for stand up fighting, which makes GLORY’s absence felt all-the-more by the residents of the area that have been hungry for combat sports. The UK has a thriving MMA, muay thai and kickboxing scene and after a five year absence GLORY will once again run the UK on Saturday, June 2nd with GLORY 54. The card that they have lined up thus far is a doozy, as well, with Rico Verhoeven facing off with Mladen Brestovac in a rematch from 2016 that saw Brestovac challenger Verhoeven for the [read more]

Programming Note — GLORY: Redemption Airs on ESPN Classic Tonight

Interesting programming note, if you somehow missed out on GLORY: Redemption last month and have a cable subscription with ESPN, you’re in lucky. The blockbuster event featuring Rico Verhoeven vs. Jamal Ben Saddik is set to air tonight on ESPN Classic starting at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific. Only the PPV portion will be airing via ESPN Classic, which means Baley Sugden vs. Chenglong Zhang, Danyo Ilunga vs. Michael Duut,¬†Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao vs. Zakaria Zouggary and, of course, Rico Verhoeven vs. Jamal Ben Saddik. After you’ve watched (or if you already have), listen to Jay Jauncey and myself talk about GLORY: Redemption as [read more]

LiverKick Podcast January 14th, 2018: GLORY: Redemption, Kunlun Finals and More

Alright, so the last episode was garbled up by audio problems galore, then the holidays happened, Jay went on vacation and finally, here we are, a month later, with a new episode of the LiverKick Podcast. But, of course, this time we try to make up for it by going over GLORY: Redemption, talking about some of the other big stories that have happened in the last month or so, like Badr Hari’s GLORY signing and more. We also brush upon K-1 Japan happenings, just how big of a star is Tenshin Nasukawa compared to Takeru and the upcoming Kunlun [read more]

The 2017 LiverKick Awards: Fighter of the Year – Rico Verhoeven

In a way, selecting the 2017 fight of the year was a lot easier than it should have been. While there were a lot of standout fighters in 2017, including a lot of fighters that went on to become world champions or do incredible things, nobody really had a crazy year. Superbon, who was easily the fighter of the year, suffered a loss near the tail end of the year that helped to bring him down just a peg or two. A loss or two shouldn’t really derail someone, but when it comes to measuring who the most important fighter [read more]

Rico Verhoeven is the Champion that Kickboxing Needs

After letting the action from GLORY: Redemption settle into the ether for a week, there are a few things that have people in the kickboxing world talking, namely the return of Badr Hari in March and who he should fight. There are other stories as well, like where does Nieky Holzken go from here, but they haven’t found as much traction. What’s perhaps been the most interesting story is one of the more subtle ones, which is the story of Rico Verhoeven once again cementing his place at the top of the kickboxing world. At GLORY: Redemption Rico Verhoeven was [read more]

Enfusion Promoter Pursuing Legal Action Against Badr Hari, Claiming They Had An Agreement

The big news coming out of this past weekend was that elusive bad boy of the kickboxing world, Badr Hari, had finally put his name on the dotted line with GLORY kickboxing. For the 33-year-old fighter who has lost years off of the prime of his career by searching for money fights while spending time in and out of the courtrooms and prison cells, this was the most logical decision and the best way to cement his legacy. Kickboxing isn’t exactly a sport that a fighter can jump around from promoter to promoter and make a steady living like boxing [read more]