Final Fight 06 Results

Final Fight 06 Results

Final Fight 06 went down today in Croatia featuring a few big Heavyweight Kickboxing bouts, some of the bigger bouts that we’ll see for a while it looks like, featuring Hesdy Gerges vs. Pavel Zhuravlev and Igor Jurkovic vs. Dzevad Poturak. This is on top of the whole rest of the card and we have your results for you. Hesdy Gerges picks up a decision victory over Zhuravlev in what was said to be a close contest that saw Gerges use his kicks to keep distance while Zhuravlev looked for the big knockout blow. Gerges walks away with the much-needed victory here.

The main event saw Igor Jurkovic live up to the hype that he’s had behind him against a very tough Dzevad Poturak. Poturak, one of the better Heavyweights in the world, put up a valiant effort against Jurkovic, but Jurkovic cut off the ring and was able to dictate the pacing and control the fight, leading to the victory. Thanks to slash on Kakutougi.

  • Igor Jurković (CRO) (R3 – Dec.) Dževad Poturak (BiH)
  • Hesdy Gerges (EGP) (R3 – Dec.) Pavel Zhuravlev (UKR)
  • Laszlo Senyei (HUN) (R3 – Dec.) Ivica Trušček (CRO)
  • Miran Fabjan (SLO) (R3 – Dec.) Ivan Bilić (CRO), KB -81kg
  • Mladen Kujundžić (CRO) (R3 – Dec.) Nikola Dimkovski (SER)
  • Teo Mikelić (CRO) (R3 – Dec.) Samo Petje (SLO)