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EA Sports UFC 3 Review: The Best Striking Game Ever, the Rest is Sort of Okay

When it comes to a game like EA UFC 3 it feels like the tale of a few different games. In a way, this is the logical follow-up to EA UFC 2. In fact, you can feel how similar it is to EA UFC 2 from the menus, to the Create-a-Fighter to the game modes and the grappling. Not much has really changed since the last iteration outside of the roster and the striking. The thing is, the striking is perhaps the biggest single leap that we’ve seen in a series like this in forever. The striking in EA UFC [read more]

GLORY Appoints Marshall Zelaznik as New CEO; Franklin Moves to Development Role

GLORY dropped an interesting news story today in that GLORY’s CEO will be moving into the role of Chief Development Officer, focusing on efforts to grow the sport in the Americas, while Marshall Zelaznik will move into the role of Chief Executive Officer. Franklin joined GLORY at a turbulent time for the company, with the promotion struggling to gain ground while overspending. Franklin was able to stabilize the ship and put the promotion back on the right path, which leads into the appointment of Zelaznik, who will take, as they say, a more “global” approach to the sport. He’s coming [read more]

Chris Camozzi Sounds Off on His Signing with GLORY Kickboxing

You’ve probably already heard that 30-year-old, 11-year MMA veteran, Chris Camozzi is making the switch from UFC to GLORY kickboxing. But there is an underlying question that needs to be asked and answered: Will more UFC fighters follow suit and make the switch as well? “I’m not leaving MMA, but I am going to make a little bit of a switch to GLORY kickboxing. I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve always been a huge fan of kickboxing. I’ve been a big fan of GLORY. Anybody that follows me knows that I go to a ton of their shows. So, we [read more]

Former K-1 and GLORY Star Gokhan Saki Signs with the UFC

(note: LiverKick is being worked on right now, so we’ve set up a temporary site for now) After months of speculation as to the future of former GLORY Light Heavyweight Champion Gokhan Saki, a strange Facebook post from Saki where he talked about signing his retirement papers from kickboxing to get out of his GLORY contract, to the cryptic statements on social media, there is finally an answer as to the future of “The Rebel.” That future is not in the kickboxing ring, but instead in the UFC Octagon. Weird, right? Saki, 0-1 in MMA, has signed an exclusive contract [read more]