Zabit Samedov vs. Freddy Kemayo Scheduled for May 30th in Russia

On May 30th in Moscow, Russia Zabit Samedov and Freddy Kemayo will clash in a battle of smaller heavyweights in perhaps one of the better non-GLORY, non-Kunlun heavyweight fights available. Zabit Samedov doesn’t fight quite as much as he used to, averaging about one or two fights a year, which makes this fight with Kemayo a big deal. Samedov, of course, really helped to cement his status as one of the elite heavyweights when he defeated Badr Hari in 2013.

Kemayo has been hot-and-cold of late, coming off of two losses to Zinedine Hameur-Lain and Igor Bugaenko, respectively. This will be his second bout of the year and is against a fighter who is, much like him, one the smaller end of the heavyweight spectrum and probably closer to being a light heavyweight.