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Yokkao Returns to Its Origins With Yokkao 35/36 in Italy Featuring Saenchai

When Yokkao launched their series of events it all happened in 2012, starting off in Italy. Since then Yokkao has gone on to stage events in many different parts of the globe, all while expanding their brand of gear, their gyms and their fight team. Now, in 2018, Yokkao sits comfortably in its position as one of the global leaders for muay thai. In 2019 they’re set to return to their roots by heading back to Italy, where it all began, to stage another big show.

While details are sparse yet, we do know that Yokkao 35 and 36 will be in Turin with the main attraction being the living legend himself, Saenchai. The event, in coordination with Thai Boxe Mania yet again. The event will also be a double-header, something that Yokkao has been doing in the UK to much fanfare. While the first Yokkao event, Yokkao Extreme, proved to be a huge event for the sport back in 2012, Yokkao is looking to treat this show in a similar fashion and present the best possible show.

Seeing as though UK fans have been raving about Yokkao events for years now, it seems like the fans in Italy are going to be in for something special come January. [source]