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Yokkao Introduces Viral Challenge #YokkaoChallenge on Instagram

Prepare yourself for the #YokkaoChallenge, running until August 10th. (Yokkao)

The sport of muay thai has made some serious in-roads in the western world over the last few years, not just through the popularity of MMA, either. Muay thai has become popular as a way to train and lose weight for many and the sport in general, in the age of the Internet, has gotten more exposure through stuff like Buakaw Banchamek kicking down a banana tree and other, viral videos. Now, the #YokkaoChallenge.

So it should come as no surprise that Yokkao, one of the most popular brands of muay thai gear, has come up with a viral trend of their own. The #YokkaoChallenge, which is taking place right now on Instagram, tasks folks with punching their friend in the stomach for twenty seconds and recording it. Sound like fun? Probably. Painful? Definitely.

The contest runs until August 10th and the rules are simple. You tag @Yokkao in your Instagram video, as well as use the #YokkaoChallenge hash tag. You and a friend then have to throw as many punches as you can to each other’s guts for twenty seconds. The winner and their training partner will both receive a new pair of gloves.

You can check out more in the Instagram video that Yokkao has posted.

So go ahead and check out Instagram, search for the hash tag #YokkaoChallenge and see what’s already out there. If you and your pals want to give it a shot yourself the rules are pretty self-explanatory and you’ve got a few weeks left to show the world what you’ve got when it comes to absorbing punishment to your abs.