Wu Lin Feng Cobbles Together Huge 16-Man 67kg League

Starting this July, martial arts variety-show-turned-kickboxing promotion Wu Lin Feng will be launching a 16-man league at 67kg featuring some of the best fighters in the world. There are four groups to this league with four men apiece. Each fighter will compete against the rest of their group and the one with the most points moves on to a four-man tournament. The first show is July 7th, then August 4th, then September 1st and, finally, October 6th for the four-man tournament finals.

There is a mix of seasoned names and solid up-and-comers. Of course, it’s at 67kg which means there are some fighters that usually fight at featherweight and others that usually compete at 70kg in the mix.

This is all from everyone’s favorite source for Chinese kickboxing news, Kiksie.

Group A
Jomthong Chuwattana
Meng Qinghao
Jia Aoqi
Wang Pengfei

Group B
Xie Lei
Petchtanong Banchamek
Zhang Chunyu
Lu Jun

Group C
Dzhabar Askerov
David Mejia
Hassan Toy
Diego Freitas

Group D
Yang Zhuo
Andrei Kulebin
Hu Yafei
Sergey Kosykh