Who to Watch At GLORY 43 New York

With GLORY 43 New York just around the corner, it feels prudent to spend some time talking about the card and while we all know who the favorites are and who the big fights are, there are some really good names on the card that are either newer to GLORY or get a bit overlooked. While the heavyweight main event between Guto Inocente and Benjamin Adegbuyi should deliver at GLORY 43, it’s the lighter weight classes that should be delivering big on this show.

Bailey Sugden — The younger brother of former GLORY fighter-turned-boxer Chad Sugden, he comes from the same lineage of training with his father Dean at Suggy’s Gym in the UK and has a fighting family. When I say that I mean it. There’s Fergus, Chad, Regis and Bailey, with Bailey being the youngest of the bunch. He’s got solid fundamentals and very good hands.

Mo Abdurahman — Mo is tall, aggressive and not afraid to take chances in the ring. He pieces together solid combinations while mixing up his levels and kicks and punches all while walking forward and applying pressure. He’s an athlete through-and-through who happened upon kickboxing while looking for a part-time job, cleaning up a ring at a gym and learning kickboxing in the process, but almost chose cricket or football as a full-time profession before an injury sidelined him. Ever since then he’s been applying himself at kickboxing in the UK’s very tough circuit. He’s replacing early-favorite Matt Embree in the tournament, which means that there won’t be much pressure on him, with everyone looking instead at Giga Chikadze as the favorite.

Alexei Ulianov — With only one fight under the GLORY banner under his belt thus far — and one loss — there isn’t a lot of hype for Ulianov, but there should be. His first fight was against the incredibly tough Petchpanomrung, who is a force of nature who had a close bout with Robin van Roosmalen. The young Ulianov has really good knees and a sneaky right head kick that could put anyone in the division to sleep. Once again, Giga will be the favorite, but even if he does make it to the finals, he has an incredible fight on his hands against Ulianov.

So yeah, we’re all excited for more Benjamin Adegbuyi, Josh Jauncey, Pavel Zhuravlev and Giga Chikadze, but GLORY 43 has plenty of top talent in the mix and ready to prove themselves in the GLORY ring.