WGP 44 Results: Bruno Gazani Wins WGP Light Middleweight Gold

Bruno Gazani Celebrates (WGP Kickboxing/Facebook)

Brazil’s premiere kickboxing league, WGP, kicked off their 2018 season with a bang this past Friday night with WGP 44. The event featured a one-night tournament that saw Robson Minotinho defeat Mateus Gatti, while the main event saw Bruno Gazani defeat Marcelo Dionisio via decision to take home the WGP Light Middleweight Championship.

Results via WGP.

Card Main

Bruno Gazani defeated Marcelo Dionísio by unanimous decision
Viscardi Andrade defeated Victor Valenzuela by unanimous decision
Emiliano Sordi defeated Alexandre Sagat by split decision
Aline Pereira defeated Maysa Borges by unanimous decision
Diego Piovesan defeated Felipe ‘Artillero’ by unanimous decision
Eliezer Silva defeated Daniel Dias by split decision

Challenger GP Final

Robson ‘Minotinho’ defeats Mateus Gatti by knockout in the third round

Challenger GP Semifinals

Robson ‘Minotinho’ beat Antonio Luciano by first-round knockout
Mateus Gatti defeated Fabrizio Flamig by first-round knockout


Jonas Júlio defeated Kaio Modric by unanimous decision
Thiago Santos defeated Davison de Souza by knockout
Emanoel Sousa defeated Raphael da Silva in split decision
Bia Molina defeated Karina Teixeira by unanimous decision

Vinícius Barros defeated Leonardo ‘Buakaw’ by unanimous decision