WFL Results: Melvin Manhoef Bests Remy Bonjasky in Fourth and Final Encounter

(Melvin Manhoef/Facebook)

Melvin Manhoef’s World Fighting League held one of their biggest events to date today in the Netherlands, featuring the return of Remy Bonjasky in a fourth showdown between himself and Manhoef, in a bout advertised as Manhoef’s retirement bout. We’ve grown to believe that retirements in the sport of kickboxing are only reliant on promoters not offering the fighters giant purses to return, as this was Bonjasky once again returning from his retirement.

Anyway, the two men met for the fourth time and for the first time Manhoef walked away victorious… For the last time? On top of that they held their heavyweight Final 16, which featured a host of recognizable fighters and a few exciting finishes to boot.

Manhoef Kickboxing Retirement Bout: Melvin Manhoef (R3 – Dec) Remy Bonjasky

Heavyweight Final 16
Levi Rigters (R1 – TKO) Redouan Cairo
Sam Tevette (R3 – Dec) Reamon Welboren
Fabio Kwasi (R2 – TKO) Serkan Ozcaglayan
Fred Sikking (R3 – Dec) Boy Boy Martin
Tarik Khbabez (R3 – Dec) Nordine Maheiddine
Murat Aygun (R3 – Dec) Henriques Zowa
Andrei Stoica (R3 – Dec) Sahak Parparyan