WATCH: Josh Jauncey Trains at Mayweather Gym to Prepare for GLORY 43

Josh Jauncey at GLORY 40 (GLORY Sports International/James Law)

For young up-and-comer Josh Jauncey there is no limit in what he’s willing to do to receive the best possible training as he pushes forward in his career. Not only did he start off training with his esteemed father, Vincent Jauncey, but he quickly caught the eye of K-1 legend Andy Souwer and became his young apprentice.

From there he’s worked with some of the best fighters all over the world, including preparing in Thailand for his last bout. For his fight at GLORY 43 he had something different in mind. He went to Las Vegas where he worked on his boxing at Mayweather Boxing Club, receiving private lessons from Jeff Mayweather and American kickboxing legend Dewey Cooper.

As for his opponent at GLORY 43? We still don’t have anything official yet. Word is that it’ll be a New York native, but we don’t have any information beyond that just yet.