VIDEO: Murthel Groenhart KO’s Harut Grigorian, Gets Jumped By Fans

(GLORY Sports International/James Law)

Tempers ran hot in Paris today as Murthel Groenhart scored a controversial knockout over Harut Grigorian, only for fans to storm the ring and begin attacking Murthel in the corner before they were pulled away.

It all started when Murthel landed a flying knee on Grigorian, followed by more blows, which made Grigorian turn his back to Groenhart. The referee apparently didn’t notice in time and Groenhart, knowing it was full well within the rules, pounced and landed a right hook that put Grigorian down and out. While the Twitter arguments about its ethics are ongoing, the follow-up was definitely not cool when three men ran into the ring, pinned Murthel in the corner and began wailing on him.

They were eventually pried out of the ring, but the damage was done, Groenhart explaining afterwards that he felt like his jaw may be broken after the attack. Grigorian’s trainer Nick Hemmers spoke backstage after the fight explaining that what Murthel did was legal, but not exactly nice to do, but no hard feelings.

Regardless, Murthel gets a shot at the winner of Holzken/Doumbe in the near future.

UPDATE: This shot from announcer Todd Grisham is perhaps the craziest angle on this. This guy nailed him.

One of the rumored assailants is Armenian MMA fighter Hracho Darpinyan, although that has still not been officially confirmed. The two men involved in the attack have been subsequently banned from all future GLORY events.