VIDEO: Cedric Doumbe on Murthel Groenhart: ‘That’s Not How a Fighter Acts’

(GLORY Sports International/James Law)

The next challenge for Cedric Doumbe has been decided in Murthel Groenhart, who scored a controversial knockout over Harut Grigorian before he was assaulted by two fighters from the stands. Since then Groenhart has been all over the media, from the post-match assault to his controversial knockout.

Cedric Doumbe had a lot to say about Holzken, who he believes is one of the best fighters in the world, but not quite on his level. As for his thoughts on Murthel? They aren’t complimentary. “No, c’mon, Murthel did something wrong in this fight,” he explained in a post-fight interview. “I saw his fight and I disagree with what he did. Harut is a gentleman and Murthel used to be.”

“For me, today, that’s not how a fighter acts, no.”

Of course, Murthel’s knockout has been the subject of debate, but Nick Hemmers put it best when he said “It was legal, but not a nice thing to do.”

Former It’s Showtime Lightweight Champion Chris Ngimbi perhaps said it best via Facebook yesterday:

“During my career I’ve seen more bad referees than good ones. Thai refs always exaggerates with jumping to the soil and try to catch a fighter before he hit the soil. But i tell you what, i trust these refs more then the tens of amateurs we now have….”

They show no authority, lack of insight, bad intuition and therefore unreliable. Fighters continue develop themselves, perhaps it’s time that the rest, judges and referees start developing as well. It also happens in other sports (football)”