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Triumphant Muay Thai Heads to UFC Fight Pass

UFC Fight Pass has been adding to its combat sports library since its inception, to be a destination not just for UFC content, but for all combat sports as well. It’s been a slow process, with most of it being MMA or grappling, but the addition of GLORY kickboxing’s SuperFight Series has been a positive one, with some of GLORY’s best fights being given the honors of airing on UFC Fight Pass.

Now UFC Fight Pass adds its first full-rules muay thai promotion into the mix with Triumphant Muay Thai. The first event, which took place on September 29th, will make its way to UFC Fight Pass on December 20th in its entirety. Triumphant 2 takes place on December 15th and will make its debut on the 20th as well.

The third event is scheduled for January and UFC Fight Pass plans to air live Triumphant events starting in 2018.