The Next Anticipated GLORY Event 2019

The rematch between two heavyweight champions is underway and the date has been set. Making its rounds all over the internet, spectators are able to purchase tickets online for the fight of a lifetime. The rematch making headlines has been given a special title for a special fight “GLORY Collision 2: Unfinished Business.

For those unfamiliar with the fight, it is between Rico Vethoeven and Bedr Hari. It is one of the biggest fights set for the 21st of December 2019 an no doubt will be showcased all over top sites including forefront runner NoviBet. So if you need to brush up on your homework to get your skills adjusted for bets, best you get started. Here is what you need to know about the fight that pits two heavyweight champions in a battle for the ultimate fighter.

The second fight will be taking place in Netherlands at the Gelredome in Arnhem. Tickets recently went on sale on the 31st of July 2019 and are bound to sell out fast as fans have been waiting for ticket sales to open. The pre-sale was recorded to have sold over 1000 tickets per minute and eventually the system overloaded and crashed causing frustration around the globe.

The pre-sale received such enormous traffic (an average of one thousand tickets per minute were sold during the opening minutes) that the ticketing platform servers were eventually overloaded and crashed. Thanks to the crash, there are more tickets on sale as they would have been sold out had the site upheld itself long enough for the additional buyers in the queue to log on.

Rico Vethoeven is referred to as the King of Kickboxing and as one can imagine, the title speaks for itself in terms of who all wants to see the match of the century, especially since this is a rematch between the two heavyweights. The first match ended abruptly when Hari left the ring with an arm injury that forced the match to a halt. Although Verhoeven won the match by TKO, many believe Hari would have won if not for the injury. The reason for the long wait of much anticipated rematch was due to Hari serving out a prison sentence and PED suspension, it hasn’t been until now that the stars have aligned and granted fans the fight they have been looking for.

Should Verhoeven win the title he would have beat the last veteran of the heavyweights in the K-1 division, thus making his title steadfast and eliminating any doubts over the first match between the two fighters. The fight holds much promise for Verhoeven as the fighter has refused to resign with GLORY until the fight with Hari was fulfilled. Fans will be on his side by the ring shouting his name in hopes of defending his title while Hari fans will witness the fighter seeking his revenge in the ring and the true King will emerge the winner. Let the countdown begin.