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Thai Sensation Manachai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym Making Italian Debut on January 20th

Back in 2016 Yokkao had a huge coup when top-ranked Lumpinee -65kg fighter Manachai jumped from Kiatmoo9 to the Yokkao team, now known as Manachai YokkaoSaenchaiGym. Training at the Yokkao Training Center Bangkok he has worked with not just Yokkao’s state-of-the-art facility, some of the top trainers in the game and more, but he’s also working with nutritionists, physical trainers, physical therapists and even a media agency to help spread the word about the 20-year-old fighter.

In another big move, he’ll make his Italian debut on January 20th at “The Night of Kick and Punch 8” in Milan. His opponent has not been named yet.

Yokkao is also kicking off the New Year with some more big moves, such as distribution on their own in Europe. Previously their products were only available throughout Europe via resale partners, but now they have their own warehouse operating in Europe that will be distributing exclusively to all of Europe. Interested parties in Europe can check out their site at http://www.yokkao.com/EU. The European distribution center adds to the ones located in Italy, Hong Kong, China, US and Asia. There will be more forthcoming, including one in Las Vegas set to open in the coming weeks.

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UPDATE: His opponent is scheduled to beΒ Nuriel Glorian Cauli.