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Get Familiar with Mohammed Jaraya Before His GLORY 51 Debut

To those who have been faithfully following Dutch kickboxing the last few years, the name Mohammed Jaraya is one that they know well. For everyone else? This weekend will be the GLORY debut of the former-Enfusion dynamo. The former -67kg champion in Enfusion before moving up in weight, Jaraya is known not just for his highlight-reel KOs, but for his thrilling wars with fighters like Nordin Ben Moh and Tayfun Ozcan. His arrival in GLORY comes after some controversy, but that professional GLORY shine and spotlight will perhaps help to propel this should-be star to the next level of worldwide [read more]

Mohammed Jaraya’s Official GLORY Debut at GLORY 51, Dutch Commission Responds

As reported previously, Mohammed Jaraya has signed a brand new deal with GLORY where he will be moving up in weight to compete a 77kg (welterweight). While GLORY officials assured us if he was to fight, it would be soon, and that would mean the Netherlands, there should be snags with that. The snag would be that Mohammed Jaraya was suspended for two years by the Dutch commission,┬áSectie RCS FOG, for assaulting a judge last year at an Enfusion event. GLORY officials were adamant that Jaraya’s suspension was up on March 1st and that his suspension was only for one [read more]

GLORY Signs Mohammed Jaraya, Hints at Fighting ‘Soon’

Fans of kickboxing will undoubtedly know the name Mohammed Jaraya, or, if they don’t know it yet, they’ll know it very well soon. Jaraya is one of those rare, young talents that shines bright in the early stages of his career and has gathered a pretty rabid following because of that. He’s been mostly competing within the Enfusion ring, but now will venture into the deep waters of GLORY’s Welterweight division. The talk of Jaraya signing to GLORY has been floating around for at least a week now, which makes this announcement come as no surprise. The problem lies in [read more]

Fight Card For Enfusion Live #53: Superbon vs. Mohamed Khamal

This Saturday, September 30th, Enfusion Live puts forth Enfusion Live #53 in what is one of the strongest cards of any promotion this year to date. There is more Enfusion League 72.5kg action featuring Nordin Ben Moh vs. Diogo Neves, Tayfun Ozcan vs. Redouan Laarkoubi and, remarkably, Mohammed Jaraya vs. Yassin Baitar, this coming in the wake of Jaraya’s suspension in the Netherlands by the FOG for assaulting a judge post-fight. Jahfarr Wilnis will look to defend his Enfusion Heavyweight World Title against Louis Tavares and the main event is one of the best fights all year in Mohamed Khamal [read more]

Enfusion Pull Mohammed Jaraya From Enfusion League Event

Even more bad news for Enfusion Live fans looking forward to more Mohammed Jaraya fights in the Enfusion League: he’s out. It’s official, as Edin van Os, the promotion’s owner, confirmed it in an interview with Combat Point (see below with subtitles). At least sort of. Van Os claimed that there would be a punishment handed down to Jaraya and that they’d have to work around the suspension, but that he will not compete in the final tournament in Abu Dabi as punishment. MMAPlus has a part of the transcript from the above interview where van Os talks about a [read more]

Mohammed Jaraya Suspended For Two Years After Assault on Judge

Bad news for Enfusion fans as one of their best fighters, Mohammed Jaraya, has been suspended for two years by Sectie Ringcontactsporten Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten (also known as FOG). On April 29th at an Enfusion event in the Netherlands Jaraya was frustrated with what he felt was a bad decision and took out those frustrations on official Tim van Duijn. The suspension will be retroactive to April 29th and last for a rather harsh two years for the 21-year-old fighter. Jaraya is scheduled to participate in an upcoming Enfusion Live event as part of the Enfusion League on September 30th in [read more]