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So This is Farewell, My Dearest Friend.

Honestly, this was never a post that I’d imagine writing, although I’ve known it was coming for a while now and have just been putting it off for as long as I could. As of right now I’ve decided to cease operations of LiverKick, at least for the time being. The main goal of LiverKick was always to help the sport of kickboxing. MMA and boxing really never needed the help, at least not the kind of help that I could provide for them. They were already popular sports with many corners of the web to turn to for news, [read more]

LiverKick Podcast July 28, 2018 – GLORY 55 Recap, Kunlun 70kg Tournament, ONE Championship and More

Finally, the long awaited LiverKick Podcast featuring myself, Dave Walsh and Jay Jauncey. We run through the events of GLORY 55 New York, including Alex Pereira’s incredible overhand right knockout and why that is Jay’s favorite strike to use, teach to fighters and watch happen. On top of that we talk about the upcoming Kunlun Fight 70kg tournament, with the final 16 (they call it the “1/8,” but hey) that is coming up in August. On top of that we talk about some of what ONE Championship has been doing with their Super Series kickboxing and muay thai bouts, which [read more]

EA Sports UFC 3 Review: The Best Striking Game Ever, the Rest is Sort of Okay

When it comes to a game like EA UFC 3 it feels like the tale of a few different games. In a way, this is the logical follow-up to EA UFC 2. In fact, you can feel how similar it is to EA UFC 2 from the menus, to the Create-a-Fighter to the game modes and the grappling. Not much has really changed since the last iteration outside of the roster and the striking. The thing is, the striking is perhaps the biggest single leap that we’ve seen in a series like this in forever. The striking in EA UFC [read more]

LiverKick Rankings Update 10/17/2017: New Welterweight and Middleweight Kings

It’s been three months, which means that it’s once again that time for the quarterly LiverKick Rankings update. Jay Jauncey and myself (Dave Walsh) have gone through the records for each fighter and updated the Official LiverKick Rankings accordingly. Let’s dive right into the changes. Heavyweight There wasn’t exactly a ton of movement on here, but there was some and it was important. D’Angelo Marshall was bumped out after just making his way into the rankings thanks to Luis Tavares defeating the #8 Jahfarr Wilnis. That means that Wilnis goes down a spot, along with Ibrahim El Bouni losing his [read more]

LiverKick Podcast for April 20th – GLORY 40 Preview, Bellator Kickboxing and More

With GLORY 40 just on the horizon and Bellator Kickboxing coming off of two big shows it felt like the right time for the SS LiverKick Podcast to set sail again. This time we got it done more than a day before the show we were previewing, truly a herculean feat if there ever was one. So join myself and Jay Jauncey as we run down the GLORY 40 card, spend less time complaining about four-men tournaments than we’ve ever done before and perhaps even get some insight into what went into Josh Jauncey’s preparation for his upcoming fight seeing [read more]