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GLORY 51 Rotterdam Weigh-in Video and Results

Tomorrow marks the return of Badr Hari to a major organization not just as a freelancer, but as a fighter under contract when Badr Hari heads to GLORY for GLORY 51 Rotterdam against Hesdy Gerges. This is a rematch from their 2010 bout that ended in disqualification and will help settle old wagers for long-time kickboxing fans. The five-fight card for GLORY 51 Rotterdam will be carried live tomorrow on ESPN3 at 3:30 p.m. ET / 12:30 p.m. PT, with a replay on ESPN2 on Saturday, March 17 at 11 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. PT. The five-fight card for GLORY 51 SuperFight Series will stream live and [read more]

Get Familiar with Mohammed Jaraya Before His GLORY 51 Debut

To those who have been faithfully following Dutch kickboxing the last few years, the name Mohammed Jaraya is one that they know well. For everyone else? This weekend will be the GLORY debut of the former-Enfusion dynamo. The former -67kg champion in Enfusion before moving up in weight, Jaraya is known not just for his highlight-reel KOs, but for his thrilling wars with fighters like Nordin Ben Moh and Tayfun Ozcan. His arrival in GLORY comes after some controversy, but that professional GLORY shine and spotlight will perhaps help to propel this should-be star to the next level of worldwide [read more]

Hesdy Gerges and the No-Lose Badr Hari Rematch at GLORY 51

For Hesdy Gerges, it’s safe to say that his place in the heavyweight kickboxing pantheon is a bit hard to nail down. He’s a talented fighter with some impressive wins in his career, but perhaps all of his most memorable fights have been losses to bigger name fighters where he did his damnedest. His recent GLORY run has been marred by a few decisions that probably should have gone his way, then punctuated by a head kick loss in round one to Mladen Brestovac. That isn’t to say there isn’t a win in there — because he did beat Tomas [read more]

WATCH: Badr Hari and Hesdy Gerges Talk About Their Rematch

On March 3rd Dutch kickboxing fans are getting a rematch of a fight that originally happened almost eight years ago. That fight is Badr Hari vs. Hesdy Gerges. At the time, Hesdy Gerges was the It’s Showtime Heavyweight Champion, while Badr Hari was K-1’s bad boy, with a reputation for not just being one of the top fighters in the world, but for having a bit of a temper. If you’ve seen Hesdy Gerges fight before, you know that he has bulletproof defenses. Badr Hari is an offensively-minded fighter who at times relies on emotion and raw anger to propel [read more]

VIDEO: Badr Hari and Hesdy Gerges Have a Blue-Suited Staredown

How does one counter Badr Hari’s blue press conference suit? Simple, with another blue suit*. That’s exactly what we saw today when GLORY headed to the Netherlands for a press conference featuring GLORY 51 headliners Badr Hari and Hesdy Gerges. Hesdy Gerges wore a blue suit of his own, perhaps the strongest statement that could be made when going up against a career-rival like Badr Hari. Watch the entire video below. *I’m fully aware that Hesdy is just wearing a blue sports jacket.

Mohammed Jaraya’s Official GLORY Debut at GLORY 51, Dutch Commission Responds

As reported previously, Mohammed Jaraya has signed a brand new deal with GLORY where he will be moving up in weight to compete a 77kg (welterweight). While GLORY officials assured us if he was to fight, it would be soon, and that would mean the Netherlands, there should be snags with that. The snag would be that Mohammed Jaraya was suspended for two years by the Dutch commission, Sectie RCS FOG, for assaulting a judge last year at an Enfusion event. GLORY officials were adamant that Jaraya’s suspension was up on March 1st and that his suspension was only for one [read more]

GLORY Signs Mohammed Jaraya, Hints at Fighting ‘Soon’

Fans of kickboxing will undoubtedly know the name Mohammed Jaraya, or, if they don’t know it yet, they’ll know it very well soon. Jaraya is one of those rare, young talents that shines bright in the early stages of his career and has gathered a pretty rabid following because of that. He’s been mostly competing within the Enfusion ring, but now will venture into the deep waters of GLORY’s Welterweight division. The talk of Jaraya signing to GLORY has been floating around for at least a week now, which makes this announcement come as no surprise. The problem lies in [read more]

GLORY 50 and 51 SuperFight Series Cards Updated

While GLORY 50 is rapidly approaching, GLORY 51 is still in the near horizon in early March and GLORY has gone ahead and put a bit more public detail into the SuperFight Series cards for both events. For GLORY 50 there is now a heavyweight co-main event between an Oklahoman and Oregonian. Also added is Diego Llamas against J-Ho at a 150lbs catchweight. GLORY 50 SuperFight Series Lightweight Title Headline Bout: Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong (c) vs. Christian Baya Heavyweight Co-Headline Bout: Haze Wilson vs. Anthony McDonald Welterweight Bout: Omar Moreno vs. Casey Greene Welterweight Bout: Daniel Morales vs. Omari Boyd Catchweight (150 lb) Bout: Diego Llamas [read more]

Follow-Up on Enfusion Promoter’s Claims Against Badr Hari

Last week we learned that GLORY had secured the services of Badr Hari and that he’ll be fighting on March 3rd in Rotterdam. Today we learned that his opponent will be none other than Hesdy Gerges, a man that has a win over him via DQ back in 2010. But what about that claim from an Enfusion promoter that Enfusion had secured Badr Hari’s rights for a fight in May against Luis Tavares? He hasn’t forgotten. The latest on the case sounds like things are relatively hopeless for the Enfusion team, because they know they can’t stop him from fighting. [read more]

Badr Hari vs. Hesdy Gerges II Headlines GLORY 51 Rotterdam

The Bad Boy is back. While there might be some promoters claiming legal agreements with Badr and his team, GLORY feels confident moving forward and Badr Hari will be competing on March 3rd in Rotterdam and GLORY has picked an opponent from his past. Who, exactly? One of the few men with a win over Badr Hari, Hesdy Gerges. If you remember back to 2010, it was a different time for kickboxing and for both men. Hesdy Gerges was on the rise and Badr Hari was unstoppable. We got a glimpse of Badr’s awful temper in this fight, with him [read more]