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EA Sports UFC 3 Review: The Best Striking Game Ever, the Rest is Sort of Okay

When it comes to a game like EA UFC 3 it feels like the tale of a few different games. In a way, this is the logical follow-up to EA UFC 2. In fact, you can feel how similar it is to EA UFC 2 from the menus, to the Create-a-Fighter to the game modes and the grappling. Not much has really changed since the last iteration outside of the roster and the striking. The thing is, the striking is perhaps the biggest single leap that we’ve seen in a series like this in forever. The striking in EA UFC [read more]

EA UFC 3 Beta Impressions: Perhaps the Best Striking System in a Combat Sports Game

If there’s one constant in combat sports videogames since their inception, it’s that striking tends to get the short end of the stick unless the game is solely focused on striking. For the longest time, K-1 World Grand Prix 2001 was the GOAT of striking games. Not just because it was from they heyday of K-1 and had an absolutely bonkers roster, but also because the striking felt rewarding. In that game you were able to block high, medium and low, while the early UFC and PRIDE games were fun, but shallow and not very rewarding when it came to [read more]