SuperKombat Eyes Chinese Market with Partnership with Faith Fight

All eyes have been on the Chinese market in the past few years. Japan was once the home of kickboxing, but after that failed many thought that Europe would be able to leverage the immense amount of talent in the region to lock up the market, but results have been mixed, to say the least. Instead China has emerged as a hot market for professional kickboxing, with everyone from K-1 to GLORY trying to get their foot in the door. Chinese promotions have been sprouting up at insane rates, with WLF, Kunlun, Hero Legends, Emei Legend, Glory of Heroes and more finding success within their home market.

Chinese promotion Faith Fight hasn’t exactly been on the international radar, but SuperKombat is looking to change that while raising their own profile in one of the world’s booming economies with a partnership with Faith Fight.

They announced the deal with Faith Fight that will begin starting on July 29th with a joint event taking place in China. There aren’t details just yet, but the promotion has promised a fight card on Monday.

SuperKombat will also hold their next event on August 19th, with details still forthcoming.