Steven Seagal Helping Promote Zhara Fight Event in Russia: Samedov, Ignashov, Levin and More

Jeez. For the longest time Jean-Claude Van Damme was the talk of the town in possible heading into professional kickboxing. The legendary fight with Somluck Kamsing will most likely never happen, although it did provide us with some comedy. But Steven Seagal, the former martial arts film superstar-turned-sex-trafficker-turned-Russian-PR-guy will be helping with the public image of Russia’s Zhara Fight promotion, the event we reported on earlier that is featuring Zabit Samedov vs. Freddy Kemayo.

The card itself is exactly what you’d expect of a Russian promotion tossing money around, with Zabit Samedov vs. Freddy Kemayo, Sergey Kharitonov vs. Frederick Sinistra, Alexey Ignashov in action, Artem Levin fighting and more. Top-to-bottom this is actually a very good card. Watch Seagal mumble his way through a press event below, while talking about his own, suspicious, fights. [source]

Fight Card
Zabit Samedov vs. Freddy Kemayo
Sergey Kharitonov vs. Frederick Sinistra
Alexey Ignashov vs. Valentin Bordianu
Mikhail Calyh v. Redouan Cairo
Artem Levin vs. David Mirkowski
Ramil Siyavush vs. Erkan Varol