Sitthichai Declares It’s ‘Game Over’ for Marat Grigorian Rivalry

Sitthichai victorious at GLORY 57. (GLORY Sports International/Zhong Zhi)

This past weekend in China Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong defeated Marat Grigorian for a fourth and what he declares a final time. While the fight was close and there is a subset of fans that felt that Marat was given a raw deal by the judges, for Sitthichai he feels like their feud is over after a fourth victory over Grigorian. It seems difficult to argue at this point, as four fights and four victories for Sitthichai seems like the final nail in the coffin of that feud.

In the video below Sitthichai explains that he had to fight carefully because he understood that Marat was gunning for a knockout against him. He feels like there are more young fighters coming up and ready to challenge him, so he’ll be keeping himself in shape and ready to fight at 70kg again in the near future.

What that means is anyone’s guess, but logic would point to GLORY’s rankings for future challenges, including Josh Jauncey, Christian Baya and others. Jauncey seems to be the next in line, with that a rematch from prior in GLORY, although Jauncey has grown considerably since then, all while Sitthichai has gone on a historic run as the lightweight king of GLORY.