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Saenchai Issues Open Challenge for Yokkao 26 in Hong Kong

Legendary Thai fighter Saenchai has been and done everything, from the stadiums in Thailand to fighting the best of the best in both muay thai and kickboxing worldwide. Now, for one of his upcoming fights at Yokkao 26 on September 28th in Hong Kong he’s looking for something new, something different in the way of an open challenge.

Word is that Yokkao is looking for someone from the United States or North America to challenge the legendary Saenchai. Let’s look at some of the fighters based out of the US or North America that we’d like to see fight Saenchai.

Matt Embree – Embree has proven himself both in kickboxing and muay thai, not only as one of North America’s best fighters, but one of the best fighters in the world. While he’s found success in the GLORY ring of late, his base is undeniably muay thai and that is where he is more comfortable. On top of that, the two met in 2015 in the Thai Fight ring in a fight that saw Saenchai victorious, but 2017 Matt Embree is a lot more diverse of a fighter than 2015 Matt Embree.

Ky Hollenbeck – Hollenbeck is an interesting case in that he’s a bit heavier than Saenchai, but Saenchai has never really concerned himself with weight classes when fighting outside of Thailand. Ky was on track to challenge for the GLORY 70kg belt when he decided that instead he’d pursue a career as a firefighter. The thing is, that fighting spirit never left him and he quickly returned to muay thai where he’s been on a tear. Hollenbeck is perhaps one of America’s best exports in kickboxing or muay thai.

Kevin Ross – Yeah, this has happened before and yeah, Ross is currently signed with Bellator, but one of the provisions of his contract was that Coker will allow him to fight in muay thai outside of Bellator as long as it doesn’t get in the way of his Bellator fights. They met way back in 2011 and while there is a bit more wear and tear on both guys, Kevin Ross is perhaps one of the most exciting fighters out there and win, lose or draw always puts on an incredible show, something that Saenchai is known for as well.

Gaston Bolanos – Gaston Bolanos is one of the most exciting fighters in the world to watch, with his spinning back elbow knockout of Caleb Archer at Lion Fight 20 becoming a permanent highlight reel spot for the promotion. Bolanos has been testing the waters in kickboxing and MMA of late, but it’s fair to say that this young fighter would jump at a chance to show the world what he’s made of against the legend that is Saenchai.

Chris Mauceri – Mauceri has had his ups and downs when it comes to his career, but he’s proven himself to be a great fighters and strong presence in the US muay thai scene. With his unconventional base of gymnastics Saenchai’s theatrics wouldn’t phase Mauceri one bit.

Yokkao 25 & 26 happens on September 28th in Hong Kong, yet another double-header and the promotion is currently taking open challenges for Saenchai. You can find out more at their website.

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