Rico Verhoeven Stops Jamal Ben Saddik in Fifth Round at GLORY: Redemption

(GLORY Sports International/James Law)

The culmination of GLORY’s big, year-end GLORY: Redemption event was a catharsis worth the wait when Rico Verhoeven, who was on his way to what was most likely a decision victory over Jamal Ben Saddik, was able to put away one of the few men with a win over the champion late in the fifth round, sealing off GLORY’s 2017 with a bang.

While Ben Saddik was looking strong early, having Rico hurt in round one, he began to lose steam in round two, with Verhoeven taking over by controlling the pace and where the fight took place. Ben Saddik rallied in round three a bit, but Verhoeven was able to fend him off and keep him at bay. Moving into the deep waters Ben Saddik, who was perhaps in the best shape of his career, was looking tired while Verhoeven was picking at him.

Finally, in round five Rico landed a head kick that wobbled Ben Saddik before chasing him into the corner and landing a series of punches to Big Ben that put him down and out. It was the kind of performance that will be heralded as masterful by fans of heavyweight kickboxing, with Rico once again proving that nobody has what it takes to challenge him right now, that is, except for the big question mark hanging over the first Badr Hari fight.

Luckily for fight fans, GLORY announced that Badr Hari signed with GLORY and will be fighting at GLORY 51 Rotterdam. Rico grabbed the mic and called Badr out, proving that yes, it’s the fight that the fans want, that the company wants and what the champ wants.