Quick Results: EM Legend 24

Chinese kickboxing promotion EM Legend continues to pump out the quality events with EM Legend 24, which featured a 67kg Championship tournament that saw Tagaev Bobirjon from Uzbekistan defeat Dmitriy Grafov from Russia in the final for the championship.

Ye Xinghu (CHN) defeated Qiao Longtao (CHN) – 57 kg

Wang Jun (CHN) defeated Huang Jiongbin (CHN) by KO – 60 kg

Li Weifang (CHN) defeated Hu Jian (CHN) – 65 kg

Zheng Kai (CHN) defeated Wang Zhendong (CHN) by TKO – 65 kg

Xiao Yuqi (CHN) defeated Miss Alissa (THA) – 55 kg

Zhang Ye (CHN) defeated Lang Tinggui (CHN) by KO – 70 kg

Wang Tenghao (CHN) defeated Hao Menghui (CHN) by KO – 70 kg

Li Shenshen (CHN) defeated Liang Yuanhao (CHN) – 67 kg

Dmitriy Grafov (RUS) defeated Liang Shoutao (CHN) – 67 kg

Tagaev Bobirjon (UZB) defeated Chukchai (THA) by KO – 67 kg

Mr. Krit (THA) defeated Huang Zhenyou (CHN) – 75 kg

Eduard Mikovich (BLR) defeated Zhu Xu (CHN) – 60 kg

Masu Yuki (JAP) defeated Wang Yanlong (CHN) – 63 kg

Zhao Xiaoyu (CHN) defeated Liu Lei (CHN) by extra round – 70 kg

Yuan Bin (CHN) defeated Keivan Soleimani (IRN) – 70 kg

Zeng Xiaoting (CHN) defeated Claudia (SPA) – 53 kg

Han Zihao (CHN) defeated Inoue Junjiu (JAP) by KO – 63 kg

Han Feilong (CHN) defeated Arrest (RUS) – 72 kg

Yodwicha (THA) Yenokyan Mihran (ARM) by TKO – 70 kg

Carlos Ulberg (NZL) defeated Askar Mozharov (UKR) by TKO – 93 kg

Manas (THA) defeated Artem Avanesov (BLR) by KO – 65 kg


Championship Final

Tagaev Bobirjon (UZB) defeated Dmitriy Grafov (RUS) by KO – 67 kg