Pooja Harsha – The Girl Who Is Kicking Up a Storm

One girl is making history and she is Pooja Harsha from Myore. The South Indian girl currently holds the world record for being the first woman to get the black belt second degree in K1 style. The title has been making its rounds around the world as she received the incredible award from WAKO, the World Association of Kickboxing Organization.

Hersha was originally trained in karate which she felt was limited; this sparked her interest in kickboxing which held no limitations for the famous kick boxer. Karate is what began Pooja Harsha’s career and her father; a man passionate about sports, supported her and urged her career into the success it is today. When she was just seven years old, Pooja would wake up at 5am in the morning and walk with her father the distance of 8km to go to karate classes. The fighter goes on to say that in the beginning it was difficult as she would be tired from the walk but eventually her strength grew. She was the only girl to stand amongst 80 karate students which impressed her karate master and drove her to be as good as or even better than some of the boys in her class.

She has also stated in an interview that in India, girls aren’t as progressed in sports as the men are and she expressed how she wanted girls to become more involved in kickboxing.

Pooja Harsha set a world record at the tender age of 27. The young sportswoman is changing the way her people look at the sport and watching her is nothing short of amazing. Kickboxing is an upcoming sport gaining more traction online through sports betting sites as well as live streaming feeds where people across the world can view matches. Other sports are already famous on sites like http://www.picks.org/ and kickboxing is fast rising to a level of popularity expected by fighters like Harsha.

The elite kick boxer was chosen, competing against 200 other, as the national coach in WAKO. Harsh has also landed the title of being the first South India to be selected as a referee and judge under WAKO. Harsha’s family all have sporting abilities. Her brother has his black belt in karate and her husband is the founder of ASD, an Asian bronze medallist and an international referee.

Kickboxing is one of the most watched sports alongside boxing and MMA. The ring sport is especially lucrative in the online betting industry and continues to grow. Pooja is attracting more attention to the sport being the first South Indian female competitor. She is aiming to bring more women like herself into the sporting industry through publicity and interviews.

Currently the esteemed kick boxer practices yoga and has been for the course of 4 years, something she says grounds her and improves her strength. Many are wondering if she has inspired more Indian women into the sport as she has striven to do and if not kickboxing, will she inspire them to partake in yoga, another strengthening sport.