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ONE Championship Beyond the Horizon Results: Tukkatatong Defeats Topic

ONE Championship Beyond the Horizon

ONE Championship returned from a bit of a summer breather with ONE Championship Beyond the Horizon, featuring four big Super Series bouts, one in kickboxing, three in muay thai. There was a lot of solid action featured on this card, like from Shanghai on the ONE App, with the action taking place inside of the ring with standard boxing gloves.

Hakim Hamech was able to put a beating on Yukinori Ogasawara, with a flurry of punches in the first round putting Ogasawara down and out.

In the sole kickboxing bout of the evening, internationally-renowned Mustapha Haida proved once again why he’s a name to look out for with a piston-like left hand connecting after a knee wobbled Dawson and left him open for the flurry of punches that put him down and out.

The pressure from Han Zi Hao made the world of difference in a muay thai thriller between Stergos Mikkios and Hao, with a third round flurry that was able to put a definitive cap on the fight for Han Zi Hao as the victor at ONE Championship Beyond the Horizon.

In the bout that everyone was waiting for, American star Ognjen Topic was looking to once again make a big impression on the world stage against Tukkatatong, only for Tukkatatong to take a much more measured approach to the rising superstar, picking him apart from the distance and frustrating Topic. It was enough for the referees to award him the decision.

ONE Championship Beyond the Horizon Super Series Results
ONE Super Series Muay Thai: Tukkatatong Petpayathai (R3 – Decision) Ognjen Topic
ONE Super Series Muay Thai: Han Zi Hao (R3 – Decision) Stergos Mikkios
ONE Super Series Kickboxing: Mustapha Haida (R3 – KO) Daniel Dawson
ONE Super Series Muay Thai: Hakim Hamech (R1 – KO) Yukinori Ogasawara