Murthel Groenhart Talks About Receiving Death Threats with TMZ

(GLORY Sports International/James Law)

What was a crazy, unprofessional moment at GLORY 42 featuring two men rushing the ring and attacking Murthel Groenhart has turned into some of the best publicity for GLORY in a very long time. Murthel Groenhart has been all over the news, featured on ESPN and now TMZ sat down with Groenhart to talk about his “cheat shot” victory, the guys rushing the ring and how he’s been receiving death threats following the victory.

Groenhart has secured a spot as the next title contender against champion Cedric Doumbe, although Doumbe feels like Groenhart is not deserving of that fight and is not a gentleman anymore, all while Nieky Holzken is debating his loss to Doumbe. As for the whole cheap shot angle, well, it looks like Harut Grigorian and Murthel are getting along just fine, so perhaps it really wasn’t that big of a deal.

But still a big enough deal for TMZ to want to get in on the action. Weird. Hopefully the fallout from this doesn’t last too long and Murthel is able to focus on training for his fight with Cedric Doumbe, as history is telling us that Doumbe is the real deal and Murthel will need to bring his A-game.