Mohammed Jaraya Suspended For Two Years After Assault on Judge

(Enfusion Live)

Bad news for Enfusion fans as one of their best fighters, Mohammed Jaraya, has been suspended for two years by Sectie Ringcontactsporten Federatie Oosterse Gevechtskunsten (also known as FOG). On April 29th at an Enfusion event in the Netherlands Jaraya was frustrated with what he felt was a bad decision and took out those frustrations on official Tim van Duijn.

The suspension will be retroactive to April 29th and last for a rather harsh two years for the 21-year-old fighter. Jaraya is scheduled to participate in an upcoming Enfusion Live event as part of the Enfusion League on September 30th in Belgium. Technically it is under a different jurisdiction than FOG, which only handles the Netherlands, but opting to ignore the ruling and continue to fight could bring with it some serious repercussions within the Netherlands, which is a home base for his home promotion of Enfusion Live.

Enfusion Live owner Edwin van Os will make a statement shortly on the issue, which we’ll post when it’s available. [source]

UPDATE: MMA Plus spoke with FOG officials who were able to confirm that trainers also received suspensions, including Hicham el Gaoui (six months), Osama el Gaoui (three months) and Reggae Couthino (two months).