Matt Embree Out of GLORY 43 New York Featherweight Tournament

Matt Embree (left) vs. Robin van Roosmalen (GLORY Sports International)

Quietly announced on July 4th was an interesting reshuffling of the GLORY 43 New York Featherweight Tournament as early-favorite Matt Embree has been forced to withdraw from the tournament thanks to a last-minute injury and is replaced by Mo Abdurahman, who was previously on the reserve in the SuperFight Series.

Replacing Abdurahman against Chinese fighter Chenchen Li will be American Justin Houghton. You can find the updated card for GLORY 43 here, which we’ll keep updated as the event approaches. It’s tough luck for Embree who previously won the GLORY 33 Featherweight tournament to challenge Robin van Roosmalen for the Featherweight Championship, only to lose to the champion (well, sort of champion at the time). This was his chance for another shot at van Roosmalen.

It feels like the entire tournament shifts its momentum towards Giga Chikadze as the new favorite, although he has a tough road to victory against Alexei Ulianov.