LiverKick Rankings Update for March, 2018: New Welterweight, Lightweight and Featherweight Kings

Marat Grigorian after his KLF victory over undisputed 70kg king Superbon (Kunlun Fight/Facebook)

The LiverKick Rankings are updated quarterly, which means that these are about a month-and-a-half late, but that just meant more work for us in tabulating the rankings and taking timelines into account. So, with that being said, the LiverKick Rankings are updated, rage accordingly. Let’s take a look at the major changes since the October update.


Not a ton of movement here, but the movement that did happen was important. Benjamin Adegbuyi reclaimed his #2 spot with a tournament victory, while Guto Inocente moves down for being in the same tournament, not losing, but not winning, either (he had to pull out). Roman Kryklia lost to the very good Iraj Azizpour, meaning that Azizpour makes his LK Rankings debut at an impressive #5. D’Angelo Marshall has taken GLORY by storm, with a win over Ismael Londt that bumps Londt down to 9 and puts Marshall in at #8.

Light Heavyweight

Once again, not a lot of movement here. The biggest bummer is that fan-favorite Zack Mwekassa was pulled for inactivity. From what we’ve heard he’s back in the gym and preparing for something, but we aren’t sure what yet. Hopefully we’ll see him back in action and back in the rankings soon. Danyo Ilunga finally got his win back over Michael Duut and because of the vacant spot left by Mwekassa, Ibrahim El Bouni makes his debut at #10 thanks to a win over Fabio Kwasi, who was previously bounced out of the rankings but with an open spot would’ve regained his position if not for the loss to El Bouni.


We sadly have to part with the Stylebender, Israel Adesanya, thanks to his exclusive UFC contract. That opened up a spot on the rankings, which Aurel Ignat took at #6 thanks to a win over Mikhail Chalykh. Joe Schilling defeated Filip Verlinden and moves back up to #8. Dustin Jacoby is still somehow unmoving at #10.


Talk about ch-ch-ch-changes. Harut Grigorian dethroned Murthel Groenhart for the #1 spot and the GLORY belt while Alim Nabiyev has been making mince-meat of GLORY’s elite welterweights, bumping down Holzken and Doumbe. Everyone moves down accordingly and Karim Ghajji sadly departs, although it’s unclear if Yoann Kongolo has left kickboxing for boxing or not.


Marat Grigorian is a guy that has ran into a brick wall in GLORY by way of Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong. Then again, everyone has run into that same brick wall. But then, guess what? He defeated Superbon in the Kunlun Fight 70kg tournament finals, which is a feat to be revered. The great Chingiz Allazov gets his hard-earned spot in the rankings with a win over Cedric Manhoef, Jonay Risco joins the fray with a recent win over Buakaw Banchamek and Davit Kiria rejoins the rankings by bumping Sergey Kulybala out. A lot of changes in the 5-10 spots this time out.


The last time we did this there were literally no changes, which was weird. Now there is a huge change, namely a new top Featherweight. Since posting the updated rankings the other day I’ve had numerous, at times contentious questions about the absence of Robin van Roosmalen, along with the insistence that he’d beat everyone on the rankings. The LiverKick Rankings, since their birth in 2009, have never been about theoretical wins or losses, nor are they about talent or skill. They are purely based upon who has beaten who most recently. When GLORY didn’t re-sign a bulk of their featherweight division, most of whom left for K-1 Japan, the division continued on in Japan, with it being one of the most competitive divisions in the world. Those fighters won, lost and shifts happened. Those shifts pushed out then-champion Gabriel Varga almost completely. That’s why.

Regardless, GLORY has the #1 spot again thanks to Abdellah Ezbiri defeating Masaaki Noiri. Everyone else bumps down one, with Kohei Nishikawa off the rankings.

LiverKick Rankings Updated on 3/12/2018

Heavyweight (Per 3/18)
1 Rico Verhoeven
2 Benjamin Adegbuyi ^
3 Guto Inocente v
4 Tomas Hron
5 Iraj Azizpour *
6 Roman Kryklia v
7 Jamal Ben Saddik v
8 D’Angelo Marshall *
9 Ismael Londt v
10 Mladen Brestovac v

Heavyweight (Per 3/18)

1 Artem Vakhitov
2 Pavel Zhuravlev
3 Saulo Cavalari
4 Mourad Bouzidi ^
5 Fred Sikking
6 Danyo Ilunga ^
7 Michael Duut
8 Stephane Susperregui
9 Roman Kryklia
10 Ibrahim El Bouni *
Middleweight (Per 3/18)
1 Alex Pereira
2 Simon Marcus
3 Yousri Belgaroui
4 Jason Wilnis
5 Ibrahim El Boustati ^
6 Aurel Ignat *
7 Mikhail Chalykh
8 Joe Schilling ^
9 Filip Verlinden v
10 Dustin Jacoby
Welterweight (Per 3/18)
1 Harut Grigorian *
2 Murthel Groenhart v
3 Alim Nabiyev *
4 Cedric Doumbe v
5 Nieky Holzken v
6 Artur Kyshenko v
7 Alexander Stetsurenko v
8 Hicham El Gaoui v
9 Raymond Daniels v
10 Yoann Kongolo v
Lightweight (Per 3/18)
1 Marat Grigorian ^
2 Sitthichai
3 Superbon Banchamek v
4 Giorgio Petrosyan v
5 Jomthong
6 Chingiz Allazov *
7 Cedric Manhoef v
8 Jonay Risco *
9 Buakaw Banchamek v
10 Davit Kiria *
Featherweight (Per 3/18)
1 Abdellah Ezbiri *
2 Masaaki Noiri v
3 Kaew Weerasakreck v
4 Qiu Jianliang v
5 Wei Rui v
6 Ren Hiramoto v
7 Gonnapar Weerasakreck v
8 Ilias Bulaid v
9 Hideaki Yamazaki v
10 Jarunchai Kesagym v


* – New Addition

^ – Moved Up

v – Moved Down


The LiverKick.com rankings are living rankings that have existed in one form or another since 2009. After the initial rankings were tabulated, they moved on from there. If one fighter beats a fighter ranked above them, they take their place. If a new fighter is introduced, that means that said fighter is ranked above whomever he beat, moving everyone else down.

Fighters can drop or move up in the rankings without losing or winning, depending on the division in general. After 12 months of inactivity, or if a retirement is announced, fighters can be removed from the rankings. These rankings are also at our discretion.

If you spot an error or possible omission, feel free to reach out to rankings@liverkick dot com.